Taking the Spotlight: Lexcode’s Simultaneous Interpretation Services

Lexcode provides professional interpretation services to any person or any business for this main purpose: “to connect people to any culture and market.” Through eQQui, its interpretation arm, the interpretation team ensures that proper understanding is reached by all parties—whether for a small business meeting or a big international conference.

Last year, we were honored to support several international events that require simultaneous interpretation (SI) management, including some Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN)-related meetings.

Various clients and a wide range of events have tested how dedicated Lexcode is in giving a global interpreting experience to any event.

So what sets us apart from other providers?


Lexcode is not an equipment rental company. But because it owns simultaneous interpretation systems needed in some event and language requirements, we offer rental service at a competitive price. Our expertise in the field of interpretation allows our team to handle and answer interpretation-related concerns, leaving a hassle-free experience to clients.

Trusted by Local and International Clients

The interpretation team takes pride in the roster of businesses and organizations we have served. Lexcode has also been chosen to provide SI management for high-level events. Aside from the ASEAN, we have also worked for the International Organization for Judicial Training (IOJT) of the Supreme Court, the Twelfth Session of the Conference of the Parties to the Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals (CMS COP12) of the European Union Presidency, and the Asia Oceania Tax Consultants’ Association (AOTCA) of the Tax Management Association of the Philippines, to name a few.

Competitive Rates

There is a relatively few supply of interpretation equipment in the Philippines. We likewise have a small interpretation and translation community. Given these, the overall price for the devices is high. Lexcode, however, offers reasonable rates but do not compromise the output or the quality of service.

Going the Extra Mile

Lexcode assigns a professional project manager for every event. The number may increase depending on the size of requirements. Therefore, a client is assured that a professional service is available for interpretation and equipment concerns. We are also available to coordinate other miscellaneous tasks if needed.

As a part of the interpretation team for some time now, I have come to see and learn how Lexcode realizes its goals and how the points mentioned above are taken into account in every project that we handle. Time and distance are also not considered issues because we serve clients willingly even in the middle of the night, for system setup and the like, wherever they may be in the Philippines.

Connecting people is inarguably a big responsibility. But with language, the most basic tool of human communication, and with the aid of our interpretation systems, understanding every people and every culture becomes possible no matter how impossible that may sound.