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Overcoming language barriers goes beyond the art of written translation. The ability to verbally communicate with other people and express oneself is considered a basic human skill in brainstorming sessions, meetings, conferences, and even daily conversations where ideas are molded and realized. However, ensuring a shared understanding to help produce quality output is a different case. 

Leave no one behind

The world is composed of more than 7 billion dynamic individuals who speak different languages. Over the years, organizations have made it their mission to have diverse people from different backgrounds working together to propel organizational growth, forgetting to consider how language can pose a significant challenge to achieving this. This is the main reason interpretation existsto fill this gap and ensure that no one is left behind.

Drive greater creativity and productivity

According to Ilham Punjani, who speaks six languages, of 4S Investments, using the language that she is most comfortable with supports understanding, allowing her to conduct more fruitful meetings (Mizar, 2018). Reaching a shared understanding is critical to collaboration. Thus, it is essential to give everyone the opportunity to express themselves through their preferred language. Integrating interpretation into the organizational communication process will open more opportunities to achieve greater creativity and increased productivity.

The power of native language

Wherever you are, you will hear someone speak in English; it is known as the universal language, after all. However, declaring it as such has led most people to assume that everyone can converse in English when this is not the case. It is undeniable that speaking in one’s native language is still the best way to express whatever is on one’s mind.  

How do you think Andrea Meza of Mexico won Miss Universe 2020?

During the first question and answer (Q&A) portion, people noticed how Andrea Meza seemed unsure while delivering her statement in English. Thankfully, she advanced to the final round and decided to speak in Spanish instead. With the help of an interpreter, she flawlessly expressed her thoughts about changing beauty standards with more strength and clarity. This is the power of interpretation. It helps you communicate your stand and purpose, and, sometimes, it even earns you a crown.

Interpretation opens opportunities for innovation and growth.

Whether it’s used for marketing a product or campaigning for a cause, interpretation’s efficiency has continuously enabled businesses and organizations to do more. As it provides everyone an equal opportunity to communicate their ideas in their language, it allows multiple brains to work together, making more room for innovation and growth. Attaining this will then help you deliver results, such as boosting your business or creating higher awareness for your cause.

Our interpretation service is not limited to corporations and nongovernmental organizations.

We offer different solutions to your varying needs. 😉

Business-to-Business (B2B) Meetings

Are you having a challenging time discussing your operational processes with your foreign supplier? Or are you looking into building broader and international connections? Lexcode can help you communicate your processes and objectives more effectively.

Summits and Conferences

Encourage more participation from your diverse audience, and tap into every perspective as Lexcode assists you in creating an environment for flawless idea exchanging. Interpretation will save you a great deal of time because our interpreters will accurately convey information while maintaining the natural flow of the conversation.


Court interpreters play a crucial role in achieving effective communication among court participants from different parts of the world. Interpretation will help you avoid the risk of an unfair trial and ensure that all information is accurately delivered.


Communication is a matter of life and death, especially in medical scenarios. Prevent any kind of misdiagnosis, lack of informed consent, and inability to follow treatment directives with our professional medical interpreters.


Want to reunite with a long-lost friend from the other side of the globe? In need of someone to assist you in your market training for your company’s branch counterpart? From personal to technical requests, we can be your partner in successful communication.

The world has gone global, and you should too. Gone are the days when you had to travel with heavy equipment to facilitate interpretation because it can now be done via the cloud.

Introducing remote simultaneous interpretation (RSI)


Save yourself a great amount of time and effort from finding a large enough location to fit the interpretation booths, equipment, and your audience. Video conferencing tools, such as Zoom and InterpreteX, make overall planning and scheduling more efficient and flexible.


In a traditional setup, you must consider the costs of renting a venue, travel, equipment, staff accommodation, monitoring, and other necessary fees. Utilizing a remote setup will reduce the expenses you would typically incur because a laptop or mobile phone with Internet access is already enough.


This system expands your reach because the audience can access the interpretation if an Internet connection is guaranteed. Meanwhile, the traditional setup is limited by the radiator’s range. Radiators compel audiences to remain in specific areas to continue listening to the event or meeting.


Organize your events without risking the lives and health of your staff members and audience. Going virtual limits the chances of spreading the virus.

If the pandemic didn’t happen, companies and organizations who use interpretation would have never thought they’d engage in remote services mainly because everyone was already used to the traditional setup. But times have changed, and they have completely transformed organizational practice and performance for the better. Remote services prove how interpretation does not have to be costly and complicated.

Let’s work on your project

Were dedicated to providing excellent output and client service. Our team will help you meet your linguistic needs. 

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions that aren't answered here, please send them to us via email.

What is interpretation?

Interpretation is the verbal translation of messages from one language to another. This service is usually provided live, either consecutively or simultaneously, for meetings, forums, medical consultations, court hearings, webinars, etc.

What is consecutive interpretation?

Consecutive interpretation requires speakers to pause. This allows the interpreter to listen and take notes before translating. One interpreter is typically enough for this type of interpretation given the pauses.

What is simultaneous interpretation?

There are no pauses for simultaneous interpretation. The translation from the source to the target language is real-time to maintain the flow of the original speaker. Because of this, a team of two interpreters is essential to give each interpreter the time to breathe and rest.

How to book your interpretation service?

Send your interpretation requests at [email protected] or call our interpretation project coordinator at +63 917 803 7437. Simply state the type of interpretation (consecutive or simultaneous) you need, date and time of the event, and the source and target languages.

When is the best time to book your interpretation service?

To check the availability of the interpreter, it’s best to book your meeting or event 7-14 days beforehand. Our interpretation team is ready to assist you with your requests from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Mondays to Fridays (UTC+08:00). Bookings submitted during the weekend or non-working holidays will be accommodated when office hours resume.

Can I still book your interpretation service for a weekend or holiday event?

Yes, as long as you reserve and confirm your request on a weekday, on or before 5:00 PM (Singapore Time).

Do you provide face-to-face interpretation?

We’re back in the field! Face-to-face, virtual, and hybrid interpretation services are now all available for bookings.

How do we book equipment rental?

The basic information you’ll have to provide our project managers is the number of language pairs, number of listening participants, dates, and location of the event, so they can offer you the best proposal for your requirement from the start.

Are you able to do remote interpretation for multiple languages in one event?

Absolutely! With consecutive interpretation, this is no problem at all. But it’s with simultaneous interpretation (SI) that it gets a little tricky because a relay option is not yet available for Zoom, which is the most utilized tool for SI. But we always make it work with our interpreters by having their monitoring devices ready via Google Meet or WhatsApp, even. This lets them listen to the English interpretation and do their jobs successfully, without any issues.

We recommend using InterpreteX to make relays smooth and convenient, depending on the complexity of the project or how frequently the relays are required. We are always looking for ways to save money, and we will only recommend it if we believe it is necessary.

👋 Let's talk!

Sometimes your requirements are too complex to describe in text, and we’d like to learn more about them.

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