The Most Difficult Languages to Learn

Learning a new language is definitely fun and a worthwhile endeavor. It opens the doors of communication and, alongside it, opportunities to learn a new culture. But of course, not all languages were created equal. Some are definitely easy; you can be proficient just after a few weeks of studying. Then, there are the difficult […]

Language vs. Dialect

Working for a translation company based in the Philippines, project managers usually encounter inquiries asking for translation in a certain language or dialect. This type of inquiry often comes from overseas clients who seem to be lost in the sea of languages we have on our side of the world. It is general knowledge that […]

6 Filipino Words that Don’t Have Direct English Translations

As an employee of Lexcode Inc., an ISO-certified language translation and interpretation company, I can’t help but be fascinated by how words translate from one language to another. Moreover, having graduated with a degree in English Studies, I’ve become particularly interested on how words translate to English. They say that, for every culture, more words […]

Getting Through Three Languages a Day

Having a Chinese dad and a Filipino mom has never been easy. Just imagine: upon getting out of your mother’s womb, family members would start blurting out cute words in front of you in Chinese, Filipino, and even English. As a marketing officer of Lexcode Philippines, I get to meet a lot of people along […]