The Advantages of Using Desktop Publishing on Translations

The way you communicate your message to your clients is a vital factor that contributes to the success of your business. With today’s emerging globalized environment, the way you deal with your content’s translation can make or break the sale of your company. This being the case, a simple mistake such as a typographical error […]

Three Quirks of the English Language

Who said English is an easy language? While around 375 million people from around the world can speak it and more than 50 countries actually use it for daily communication, English has its own quirks that will leave even the most verbose scratching their head. Think about it: in baseball, the pitcher pitches the ball, […]

Why Accurate Translation and Subtitles Are Important to Anime and K-Drama Lovers

Accurate translation requires professional translation services. Thanks to good subtitling—not to mention the dubbing artists portraying every emotion the character shows—many of us are able to appreciate anime, K-drama, and other foreign shows despite the language barriers. And that’s where we get hooked! Let’s get this straight—yuppies love Korean dramas and Japanese anime today because […]