eQQui Case Study: Simultaneous Interpretation for OrangeOlive Events

Services requested: Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment Rental (and Hybrid Management) for 4,500 pax.  Language pairs: English <> Mandarin, Japanese, and Burmese (via Zoom)  Result: Completed  This August 2022, Lexcode made history by providing its simultaneous interpretation equipment rental services for a crowd of 4,500 people at World Trade Center, Manila, Philippines. It was also the first […]

Simultaneous and Consecutive Interpretation: Which Service Is for You?

Communication is an essential part of establishing relationships with the people around you. It’s used to facilitate information transfer, establish business relations, and even the resolution of foreign diplomatic matters. The language barrier is an obstacle that hinders communication between different language speakers, and interpretation is a bridge that connects everyone from around the world. […]

Taking the Spotlight: Lexcode’s Simultaneous Interpretation Services

Lexcode provides professional interpretation services to any person or any business for this main purpose: “to connect people to any culture and market.” Through eQQui, its interpretation arm, the interpretation team ensures that proper understanding is reached by all parties—whether for a small business meeting or a big international conference. Last year, we were honored to […]

Simultaneous Learning in Interpretation

When I was a student, I have been told that learning is best when done outside the confines of the classroom. After working for quite some time, I realized that the same thing still applies in the world of working adults. Even if I am no longer a student in school, I remain a student […]

Different Types of Simultaneous Interpretation Systems

High-level and large events involving two or more languages, such as multinational annual general meetings, international product launches, and global sales presentations, frequently require simultaneous interpretation (SI). Here, interpreters sit in an isolated, soundproof booth at the back of a room or in a separate room; listen to the speaker through a headset; and speak […]