Five Things to Consider When Formatting Files

Before the finished translated file is submitted to the client, the original file goes first to Lexcode’s Desktop Publishing Team for pre- and post-formatting—a measure to ensure that the file is of high quality before and after the document is submitted for translation. Below are some of the important things we take into consideration before […]

Desktop Publishing: The Complexities of Typesetting Languages

Typography takes texts to a whole new level, providing visual meaning on top of the literal meaning of the words. Through formatting and design, we can show nuances such as the tone of the message, emphasize certain points, or even project the character of the speaker. Formatting Western languages is relatively easy and manageable. But, […]

5 Shortcuts That Make Formatting in MS Word Easier

Microsoft Word, simple as it may seem, comes with many technicalities when it comes to formatting documents. Tables, images, special characters, etc., are just some of the things we encounter in Desktop Publishing. The following are some shortcuts that can come in handy during the formatting process. Special Characters Sometimes, we have to type in […]

5 Qualities of a Desktop Publishing Artist

Desktop publishing (DTP) is the process of using a particular type of software to produce high-quality documents and files by integrating and arranging texts and images for good visual presentation. In general, it is used for documents (print or web), PDFs, presentations, etc. Nowadays, as people have increasing access to technology that enables them to […]

Universal Languages

The first time I stepped into a foreign land was in 2008 when our family went on a trip to China. It was there that I saw how serious the Chinese are in doing their business. As part of the tour, we had free time to roam around the shopping district and buy souvenirs and […]

Be the Voice: 5 Tips for Aspiring Voice-Over Talents

People often describe their dream job as one that lets them earn while enjoying what they love to do. Voice-over talents are some of the people blessed with this perk. In fact, they can even pursue their other passion or interests as they do not need to be confined in just a single office. They […]