Preventing a Global Pandemic through Translation

Translation plays a vital role in connecting the world. Now, more than ever, with a global pandemic in our midst, the public needs to have access to health information that is reader-friendly—and no information is easier to understand when it’s in your language.

Weiman Kow, a Singaporean artist who went viral for her infocomic about COVID-19 prevention, has asked her followers to translate her work to other languages. The term “infocomic” is Weiman’s way of describing her works, which provide public health information through the use of comics as a medium. The infocomic was posted on Facebook last January 31 and has reached more than 4,000 reactions, 25,000 shares, and 500 comments at the time of writing. With cute visuals and easy-to-digest information, there’s no doubt that Weiman’s work is a welcome change in a sea of terrifying news about the virus.

The first three panel of Weiman’s COVID-19 Infocomics

Fortunately, several individuals have stepped forward to translate the English comic into Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Vietnamese, and Bahasa Indonesia. As a Philippine localization company, Lexcode has also reached out to Weiman to volunteer as the Filipino translator of her work. With the help of our multilingual team, we were able to make a Filipino version that is comprehensible and carries the same message as the original. See our work through this link.

Our Filipino version of Weiman’s COVID-19 Infocomics

With the COVID-19 situation getting worse all over the Philippines as lockdowns, community quarantines, and travel restrictions are imposed, Lexcode plans to translate the comic to other local languages like Akeanon, Bikol, Cebuanao (Bisaya), and Hiligaynon. Follow our Facebook page Lexcode Inc. to be updated on our translation of Weiman’s infocomic.

Follow Weiman’s social media account on Instagram @weimankow and Facebook @weimankowart, as well, as she regularly creates more infocomics on ways to prevent the spread of corona virus.