Lexcode Philippines Team Building Workshop 2016

On January 30–31, 2016, Lexcode Philippines held its team building activity and workshop at Noah’s Park in Rodriguez, Rizal. Each one arrived with the mind-set to review the past and reshape the present in order to reach further success.

Twenty Lexcodians divided themselves into two teams and played patintero, a popular Filipino street game. They also went head-to-head in a soccer game and a pigtail match. Communication and teamwork under pressure made Team A beat Team B in all three games—making them the overall champion.

After the sweaty sports matches, the Lexcodians and their CEO, Mr. Chul Young Ham proceeded to the workshop where each department’s 2015 performance was reviewed to align them to 2016 goals. After getting his comments and suggestions, the teams fine-tuned their plans well through the night, right in the venue’s gardens and playgrounds. Mr. Ham also gave presentations on leadership and integrity, and other core values that every Lexcodian should possess. Time awareness and a sense of urgency were emphasized as keys to accomplishing the company’s vision to be Asia’s top translation and interpretation company in 2020.

Indeed, being part of any organization could be tough as we make opportunities out of barriers in achieving our goals. But Lexcode, under its CEO’s hands-on guidance and supervision, make goals attainable, no matter how unachievable they may seem to be. It was a great weekend for Lexcodians old and new who got to know their teammates and leaders more.

Every start of the year people reflect on things they’ve done in the past. They think of ways to be a better version of themselves. The same thing goes with Lexcode. As a company, we look back on our achievements and failures and look forward to being the best in the industry. In empowering our members through profitable projects and consistent self-improvement, we help raise the quality of life in the Philippines as a whole. That’s why in reaching the future we must start within ourselves, where the most fundamental and influential improvements can begin.