Lexcode Philippines is ready for 2020!

In-house linguists, project managers, editors, and young leaders gathered to redefine Lexcode Inc. in 2020. Nearly a decade after the country’s major localization company was established in the Philippines.

Lexcode’s team building held on January 9-10, 2020 centered on business units presenting their action plans from the corporate directions that 2019’s experiences have offered. More than 20 Lexcodians planned and played hard at Matabungkay Beach Resort in Batangas province, south of the country’s capital city.

People just had to show up and set their work worries aside, because true to their name, the FAST Team made sure everyone would have the basics they need as soon as they’re on the private bus. Kudos for the warm sandwich and drinks before people dozed off during the long drive! FAST thankfully planned this event cheerfully on top of their administrative and accounting tasks, so seamlessly that some staff even considered it “their best team building ever”.

As all team buildings should be, the activities for fun and fellowship were designed to be as flexible as the situation calls for. Chats by the bonfire, KTV rap song duets by the beach, backbreaking and mind-boggling games—all these and more unfolded new friendships and raw talents in the team.

Planning ahead

To begin the two-day program, Lexcode’s CEO, Mr. Chul Young Ham delivered his opening remarks, where he thanked everyone for their efforts in making 2019 a successful year for the company. He also expressed his desire to increase financial stability and contribute to the career growth of the employees. Lexcode Philippines’ Country Director, Ms. Christine Ignacio also delivered her remarks and gave a brief overview of the company’s plans for technological advancement, leadership training and improving everyone’s quality of life.

These were soon followed by the presentations of all teams where they discussed their 2020 plans and overall goals. Insights and other inputs were shared by all members prior to the presentations to concretize and assess the tasks that needed to be accomplished to achieve their team goals. The year is looking bright as more opportunities await!

Linking paths and bridges

Everyone enjoyed a hearty lunch at the Balsa to fill their bodies with energy in preparation for what’s in store in the afternoon. Once everyone has changed into their athletic wear, Lexcodians were divided into two teams through color codes (Orange and Violet) and participated in a series of physical activities led by Mr. Mark Anthony Salazar, Team Building Facilitator.

The activities were designed to show and challenge the two team’s cooperation, collaboration, critical thinking, and management skills. Several members were able to showcase their leadership which paved the way for the members to bond and work together to complete the tasks they faced under time pressure and other external factors like obstacles, constraints and game rules.

After finishing all the challenges, Mr. Anthony provided highlights and his observations meant to guide Lexcodians in acquiring the important values needed in making each program or project tackled a success.

Late in the afternoon, employees were able to use their free time to do other recreational facilities in the resort such as wall climbing, swimming, and basketball. The evening was capped off with a bonfire and a fun karaoke session complemented with some drinks.

Looking forward

The last day of the Team Building was filled with fun memories as more friendships were made and strengthened among Lexcodians. Some had a blast as they rode banana boats while others decided to relax by the pool.

For the last segment of the two-day program, those who showed exemplary performance in 2019 as individuals and as teams were given recognition during the awarding ceremony. Smiling faces and cheers were expressed as people received their certificates and tokens.

List of Awardees and Respective Titles

Individual Awards

These individuals overcame hurdles and handled things with grace. The Lexcodian of the Month awards are given to those who stood out and excelled in their tasks and responsibilities in a particular month.

Lexcodian of the Month (November 2019) – Airyl Dadula

Lexcodian of the Month (December 2019) – Dianne Pascua

Certificate of Promotion – Romeo Macabuhay III & Margaret Lim

Lexcodians who continuously exemplify leadership and management skills are given the opportunity to climb up the ladder and guide others in pursuing common goals

Service Improvement Award – Kate Azurin

Supporting daily office operations is never an easy task especially with the presence of multiple departments. However, Kate proved that nothing can’t be improved with dedication and hardwork!

Best Attendance – Annabell Sale

It takes a lot of discipline to display high consistency in the workplace. Ann’s punctuality and continued presence in the office shined brightly more than anyone!

Quality Improvement Award – Jonalyn Romero

How do we keep the high standard of our translation outputs? Through Quality Assurance, of course. Detail-oriented with excellent text analysis skills, Ona greatly contributed to projects with exceptional quality.

Project Manager of the year – Mark Añonuevo

Mark garnered the highest sales among the project managers. In 2019, he has received many positive feedback and even social media reviews from clients and interpreters alike. He demonstrated loyalty to Lexcode by proudly promoting its services to his personal network. He proved that even a fresh graduate can steadily grow within an organization when mutual trust and support are present.

Editor of the year – Jericka Orellano

Maintaining and constantly improving communication for proper understanding is one of the key attributes an Editor must have aside from handling different file types. As the Editing Team’s leader, Jericka’s experience allowed her to creatively and exceptionally contribute to the team’s projects.

Team Leader of the year – Margaret Lim

Leadership is not only acquired through position but also with action and example. As the company’s Team Leader of the year, Margaret not only built her members’ teamwork, boosted their morale and raised their output quality but she juggled it with her other responsibilities too!

Lexcodian of the year – Romeo Macabuhay III

Lexcode’s core values were embodied in Romeo. As eQQui Philippines (interpretation) Team’s leader and Lexcode’s ICT Business Development Manager, he purposefully lead his team in achieving (and exceeding) its sales goal while handling development projects for Lexcode Global.

Rookie of the year – Gianina Fuentebella

Among Lexcode Philippines’ new staff, Gia exhibited the best evaluation performance and client management through the various projects and events she handled with minimal supervision.

Team Awards

Most Improved Team – TeamCredible (Editing)

From midyear to end of the year, TeamCredible showed the greatest repositioning, development and drive in their goal acquisition. Their performance was evidenced by the increased sales, refined internal policies and dissemination of tasks within the team.

Most Reliable Team – FAST (Admin)

FAST Team showed its care for the employees and stayed consistent with providing background support for other teams. From handling internal rush requests to organizing company events, the team delivered with remarkable efficiency.

Most Unified Team – LINK (Translation & Localization)

All the teams exemplified teamwork in various projects but LINK Team went beyond expectations. Outside of work, the members treated one another like family, from lunch or breakfast meetings to mobile games bonding.

Team of the year – eQQui (Interpretation & Events)

As Lexcode Philippines Team of the year, the eQQui Team achieved its goals, showed unity and greatly contributed to the company’s overall growth and organization.

To formally close the program, Mr. Ham gave his closing remarks and advice for the current generation in order to motivate them to work hard and persistently pursue their goals.

처음처럼, Lexcodians! Keep moving forward like the beginning!