Lexcode’s Humble Contribution to the Philippine Language Month

Pagsasalin, Susi sa Pagtamo at Pagpapalaganap ng mga Kaalaman at Karunungan (Translation: The Key to Achieving and Propagating Knowledge and Wisdom). The Department of Education designated this as one of the subthemes of the 2016 Language Month in the country.

Lexcode has been in the translation industry for almost two decades. It has provided translations for thousands of people from all walks of life. Its translators has translated, from English to Filipino, various files—clinical studies and trials, legal proceedings and findings, communication materials that promote the cuisine, culture, and charm of our archipelago, and so much more.

In the Philippines where there are 13 major languages unified by Filipino as the official language, translation has been a very important tool to pull people from different regions together. It connects our multilinguals spread throughout the world to their native roots. It bridges the gap when disseminating information from one province to another and enables Filipinos to interact with mutual respect. Translation promotes national understanding.

Lexcode’s translation work goes beyond the academic platform, reaching diverse industries and fields. We enjoy technology and all it has to offer because its features are translated to a language most Filipinos comprehend. We find pleasure in consuming food from foreign countries because we know what they are made of.

As we close the National Language Month, Lexcode gives tribute to all its Filipino translators and interpreters working diligently to preserve Philippine languages all year round.