Lexcode 2017: New Look, Same Premium Language Service

Entering 2017, Lexcode has unveiled its new look with its improved and modernized logo. As a professional translation company which has been in the field for almost two decades, its improved corporate identity is a manifestation of its continuous pursuit of excellence in providing quality language services in the Philippines and the rest of Asia.

The new logo

“Your brand is your promise to your customer,says John Williams in his article with the Entrepreneur titled, The Basics of Branding. When the desktop publishing (DTP) team at Lexcode’s headquarters in Korea initiated the change in the company’s logo, they have made “Communication” as the main keyword. Thus, CO is highlighted in the logo which also resembles the infinity sign. Simply put, it brings the message of endless communication and infinite connection.

Lexcode’s colors

With its modern look, three strong colors gave life to the new logo: Blue, Purple, and Black. It was made sure that the new colors follow the company’s vision.

Blue is said to symbolize professionalism, trust, and loyalty. These are the exact values instilled in every Lexcodian in dealing with clients and colleagues. Moreover, its strict screening process for hiring its employees, translators, interpreters, and other multilingual talents helps it maintain its image as the trusted localization company in Asia.

Purple on the other hand represents elegance and creativity. The elegance of Lexcode comes from its people who are equipped with the proper training and knowledge in carrying out its various services. Its passion for innovation is evident in the launch and continuous development of its interpretation platform called eQQui. Other programs such as project management system for both translation and interpretation are being developed that helps it stay ahead of the competition.

Lastly, Black shows a serious look and well-established image of the company. It is undeniable that quality language services have been associated with Lexcode. It is serious in its promise of certified and accurate translations to its clients.

Infinite possibilities

Branding may not be everything to a business but this is a good motivation to the company to keep pushing barriers in communication. Lexcode’s new corporate identity shows the infinite possibilities its translation and other language services can bring to its clients as well as the infinite opportunities it can create for the industry’s fast-changing landscape. With its new look, Lexcode maintains its view that language is not a barrier but an opportunity.

Lexcode Inc. is an ISO 9001:2008-certified translation and interpretation company located in Makati, Philippines with headquarters in Seoul, South Korea. For your language service needs, you may contact us at 0917-LEXCODE (5392633) or fill out our online request form.