Send A Request

To start sending requests, Log In with your registered Email Address (User ID) and Password.

On your home page, click Request a Quotation.

In the Request A Quotation page, click which file type you want to translate. For General Documents, you may either upload the File for translation through Drag & Drop or clicking the + button or switch to Text to type the content to be translated. 

After uploading your file or entering the text for translation, you’ll be asked to select your request’s Source, Field(s), and Target. If you’d need to have your file translated to more languages, simply click the + Add icon.

Once you’re done with selecting the Source, Field(s), and Target, you can now click Next to see an estimate of your translation request.  

On this page, you’ll be given an estimate of your request. You can also choose to have add-ons such as DTP or Editing. Please provide us an Estimated Delivery Date for when you’d like to have your request completed.

If you have any special requests, you may type them in the Special Instructions box or Drag & Drop additional files such as the Style Guide, if any, under References. Once you’re ready to submit your request, click Request a Quotation

A prompt will then appear, and click Ok. You’ll also receive a confirmation email regarding your request. The status of the request on LEX-Cloud will be in Requesting status and will be changed to Estimating to inform you that we are already working on the quotation.