Your career in the language industry begins here.

Our love of language drives everything we do at Lexcode.
We have built a culture of proactiveness and continuous improvement in order to give high-quality service to our clients.

Why work with Lexcode

We are leading

At Lexcode, Leadership is not simply performed by individuals with leadership titles. We believe that no matter how large or little your tasks or projects are, you can exercise leadership in them.

Lexcodians are self-starters and self-sufficient. We are given the freedom to pursue learning and growth in order to refine our abilities and reach our personal and professional potential while upholding Lexcode’s values and goals.

We are diverse

Lexcodians come from different ages, backgrounds, and spectrums. More than experience or academic achievement, we value people’s abilities, attitude, and values.

We are provided a safe space in which to express ourselves without fear of prejudice and discrimination. Working with Lexcode means being part of a team that is committed to creating an inclusive, inviting workplace in which you can feel secure, supported, and empowered.

Meet our people

Jullia P.

“I am lucky to be with Lexcode for my first real world experience. You get to grow in a collaborative environment where you learn from your weaknesses to turn them into strengths and where you get to be recognized for any contribution–big or small.”

Jeniña Q.

“I feel happy and honored to be part of a team that gives equal importance to its clients and partners, building and strengthening relationships continuously. It’s always been a dream of mine to manage events and coordinate with different people. Being with Lexcode helped me fulfill this and more.”

Mandy R.

“As a fresh graduate back then, Lexcode opened a career path for me that I never knew existed. A year later, I’ve grown so much as a Digital Marketer thanks to my team, and I’m still excited for the things I have yet to learn as I continue to grow with Lexcode.”

Ephraim G.

“Lexcode’s WFH setup allows you to work independently and collaborate with intention. Every effort and contribution impacts the team as a whole, and I get to witness that firsthand every day!”

Zita P.

“Finding Lexcode in the midst of the pandemic was like a light at the end of the tunnel. I didn’t know that there would be a lot of opportunities that could come from being a Project Assistant, but I’ve learned so much already in such a short amount of time. Even though this is new territory and a totally different industry than the one I prepared for, I know that I’m in the right place and with the right people.”

Lyzelle S.

“Working in Lexcode is both an opportunity and a challenge. It offers an opportunity to learn, engage, and improve oneself and skills, and a challenge to go beyond what is expected of us and our ought capabilities.”

We are always looking for self-starters to join our team. 😉

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