How to Use Digital Marketing to Your Benefit with Closed Captioning

The online world facilitates user interaction in ways traditional media has never done before. And as technology advances, businesses have no choice but to adapt. The top consumers for these kinds of features include the social media platforms of various businesses, where the end-users go online to consume content where options are limitless. Creating relevant […]

The Benefits Of Localizing Digital Materials

Every digital media we consume today comes in various languages, whether in your mother tongue or a foreign language. From social media to the internet, everything is digitalized. Once the material is ready, it can go two ways: do you want to keep it as is or localize them? Think about the possibilities you can […]

Ways On How Professional Interpreters Help Businesses

Are you in a meeting with speakers, and understanding and following the conversation becomes challenging because it’s not in your native language? Perhaps it is time to hire professional interpreters for your meetings. Professional interpreters come in handy when one can only communicate in their native language. People with deafblindness, deafness, or special needs require […]

Effective Tips for Brand Localization

The importance of language for brands cannot be overstated. When a business wants to expand its market, it must balance and incorporate various cultures into its marketing materials—it is why brand localization was created. Localization aims to translate information into something that a target audience can easily understand while also incorporating their culture, making it […]

4 Easy Steps to Prepare Your Manuscript for International Journals

Now that you’ve finished your manuscript, it’s time to go to the next stage: publication in international journals. Institutions and funders normally expect authors to publish their research in more global academic journals. Thus, this can already be routine for some authors—something that they always had at the back of their minds even in the […]

Why Should You Translate Your Content to Filipino?

Photo of a drone shot used as a feature image for a blog

The Republic of the Philippines (Pearl of the Pacific) is home to many natural features, languages, and customs. Various nations, such as China, the United States, and Spain, have had a significant impact on Filipino culture in the past.  Filipinos are well-known for their friendliness and relationship-based nature, making them an ideal target market for […]

Data Visualization: Principle and Best Practices

Photo of a laptop showing graphs and other data used as a feature image for a blog

After collecting and organizing your research data, it is now the time to address your study’s research questions and hypotheses through the presentation of relevant data. Presenting data involves using various graphical techniques to show the reader the relationship between different data sets visually, to emphasize the nature of a particular aspect of the data, […]

How Subtitles Help Enhance Viewing Experience

a woman watching tv and changing channels

Watching motion pictures and videos has changed in many ways throughout history. Different elements have been added to them to provide a better viewing experience for more people. One of these elements is subtitles, which are now seen on most online streaming platforms. Subtitles are text overlaid on videos to express their spoken part. Streaming […]

How Investing In Language Translation Services Can Help Businesses

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Communicating information involves constructing messages so that their recipients can easily understand them. It is essential for all businesses to reach everyone they want to communicate with, including prospective customers, current and prospective employees, and other stakeholders. Unfortunately, language is a barrier that stands in the way of relaying comprehensible messages. Translation is an effective […]