4 Things Authors Should Do before Submitting to a Journal

Submitting to journals can be a daunting task especially if it’s your first time. It can even be more intimidating when we’re talking about high-impact journals. But in every submission, there are a few steps that you should always do to increase your chances of getting published in a journal. Select an appropriate journal This […]

8 Typos You Won’t Believe Were Once in the Bible

As one of the most popular, and powerful, books of all time, the Bible has been seen by most people as a collection of sacred scriptures that are never wrong; but it looks like a few errors managed its way to the holy book. Here are eight blunders that will surely make you question how […]

How to Improve Your Internet Search

The Internet is an infinite source of information. However, having the world’s finest sword is different from being able to wield it. At the same time, having all the information in the world available right at your fingertips can prove useless when you don’t really know how to locate valuable resources in the first place. […]

10 Sites to Answer Your Grammar Questions

Should I use is or are? Between or among? No matter how complicated, or even basic, these questions may be, chances are other people have wondered and Googled the same thing. Thankfully, there are tons of information out there, but beware. You shouldn’t believe everything you read on the Internet. Some are good—even excellent—but others […]

5 Seemingly Interchangeable Words But Are Really Not

Just as how confusing your toothbrush with that of someone else is probably the most embarrassing blunder you can make, mistaking one word for another is something you and your audience will not forget anytime soon—albeit less disgusting. Here are five things that people often get wrong but, sadly, they don’t even notice. Everyday vs. […]

5 Things to Remember for Your Content Style Guide

Having a style guide is no longer limited to publishing companies. From the renowned New Yor Times to the even more prominent McDonald’s, style guides were made for a semblance of order. It can focus on many things, such as brand identity or content creation, but their ultimate goal is to ensure that everything is […]