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We're a Philippine-based LSP

Here is how we started


The sixth billion human was born.

In the same year, Lexcode’s founder, Young Ham, entered the translation industry as a Chief Translator and Editor of Konkuk University’s affiliate translation center in Chungju, Korea. In 2004, he founded G-Plus with Lexcode Korea’s chief operating officer (COO), Misoon Park.


G-Plus was rebranded as Lexcode, and it now offers services other than translation and editing. We’ve helped various international companies overcome language barriers.


Lexcode Philippines was founded to meet the growing demand for English editing, and it has since evolved into the full-service localization agency that it is today.


The digital era has arrived,
and LEX-Cloud was born.

It’s a platform that reduces friction when clients order translation services by providing them with an experience similar to online shopping.


Lexcode grew into a localization firm specializing in Korean and Philippine languages after we realized that they are our strengths and what the industry lacks. This will be our priority going forward to create more opportunities for our talented and passionate language partners.

We are proud to have worked with many global brands over the years!

Going above and beyond is our culture.

We love what we do.

Lexcodians are proactive, and we always strive to deliver high-quality service. When we work on a project, we don’t just do it for the sake of doing it. We take accountability for its overall success. We ensure that our clients have a happy experience with us.

We put ourselves in the shoes of our clients.

We know it’s cliche, but we believe in the golden rule. We don’t do things to others that we wouldn’t want others to do to us. As a result, we are more emphatic toward our clients. We understand how it feels to be worried and panicked, which is why we provide our clients with peace of mind by consistently communicating with them from the project’s beginning to its end.

We give back to the people.

We treat our Lexcodians with respect. Every year, we fairly distribute a portion of our profits and compensate our employees so that they can improve their quality of life. We believe that businesses should prioritize their people above all else because people are the foundation of an organization.

We created an inspiring workplace with equal opportunity.

We inspire one another by empowering one another. We believe that working in harmony produces better results and that good employees are created by a work environment that is fun but focused, lively but professional, and caring but objective.

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