5 Back-to-School Tips to Prepare You for the Real World

Summer is over. No more beaches, out-of-town trips, recliners, or bathing suits. Right now, all you need to do is prepare your back-to-school supplies and prerequisites.

Although your two-month vacation has already hit its annual expiration date, the excitement of going back to school should never be overlooked. Now that you’re back in the classroom, you will be busy with so many things. There are also ways to improve yourself before you head on to the corporate world. When you go to a school supplies store to buy what you need, be sure to include a pen and paper to note these tips down. Whether you’re a freshman, a transferee, an exchange student, a graduating senior, or a student in between, here are five things that we at Lexcode Inc. recommend:

Get ready before heading to campus

If you’re a freshman, a newbie, or an exchange student getting ready for your first day at college, arriving early at the campus is a must. Aside from preparing your school supplies by cross-checking them on your school supplies list, you should also learn about the university’s goals, objectives, academic support, and various activities it has in store for you. This will be your welcome guide as you navigate your chosen university!

Also, bear in mind that you shouldn’t keep the university map at the last page of your textbook. Go and explore your surroundings!

Read anything and everything

Now that you’re already in college, you might be surprised at the number of readings you’ll surely have. That’s why we at Lexcode Inc. recommend that you read anything and everything that you can get your hands on! Doing this will also spark your interest and help you decide what major you’d like to pursue, teach you more about the topic you want to specialize in, or tell you what extracurricular activities or scholarships you fit in.

Sharpen your technical aptitude

Trust me, you’ll be needing this once you graduate.

While being tech-savvy and comfortable with today’s gadgets make up for hard skill, you’ll also need to immerse yourself into the complicated world of today’s technology. There’s no pressure though; what we’re saying is that you should know how to typewritten documents quickly and accurately in the event that you find yourself handling more than just one project. But, as a freshman, sharpening your technical aptitude and developing your skill set might actually help you on your academic projects and reports.

Polish your social and soft skills

This is pretty much essential to a college student like you. For example, there’s a cute Korean exchange student you want to be friends with. Kidding aside, polishing your social and soft skills may be of great help once you step into the corporate world. Although you’re not required to study translation, you should know how to say at least “hi” and “hello” with confidence.

Be resourceful and productive

This is where the art of time management and hard work become best friends with resourcefulness. But how?

When you are resourceful, say you want todo more things while studying and working part-time, you’ll be able to practice time management at your pace and be the type of hard worker you never thought you could be. You’ll be able to test your work ethics when you are resourceful. What’s even more beneficial is that you don’t just learn the art of it by working hard, you also gain new knowledge along the way. Isn’t that laudable?

There you have it, folks! Let this article be your guide until you march your way onto that platform we call “graduation stage.” Make yourself productive as best as you can this academic year!