Why Accurate Translation and Subtitles Are Important to Anime and K-Drama Lovers

Accurate translation requires professional translation services. Thanks to good subtitling—not to mention the dubbing artists portraying every emotion the character shows—many of us are able to appreciate anime, K-drama, and other foreign shows despite the language barriers. And that’s where we get hooked!

Let’s get this straight—yuppies love Korean dramas and Japanese anime today because the storyline resonates with the audience, who are mostly teens and young adults, pulling at their heartstrings and allowing them to feel like they’re part of the story. If you have watched one episode, you’ll feel like you have to constantly “catch up” with what’s going to happen next; there are always a lot of side stories to catch up on, characters to reveal, and more. Plus, unlike typical American entertainment flicks, these series are mostly squeaky clean, with majority of the shows generally being G-rated and suitable for children.

What’s even more enticing is that some entertainment industries from other countries translate dialogues into that country’s native language. Now, those who couldn’t comprehend the original spoken dialogue can surely catch up, too. Some industries hire certified translators, may it be a freelancer or a professional translator, from the Philippines. We are known to possess a good grasp of the English language, you know? That’s one big advantage!

As resonation and attachment are the reasons why most people become hooked with these types of entertainment, understanding what each character has to say is a must. That’s where professional translation companies step in—to let you understand what every sigh and gesture might mean.

Thanks to Lexcode Philippines—the number one translation company in the Philippines—connecting with your favorite character becomes much easier! Knowing what they have to say feels fulfilling, but understanding the storyline more and appropriately using the right words in translation means better quality. Now, all you have to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy the show (and grab a bowl of popcorn, too!).