Top 5 Most Difficult Language to Learn

The idea of speaking a different language sounds so attractive to many people. Apart from its learning benefits, it also opens you to more professional opportunities. With more companies now going global, the number of entities who wish to beef up their skills in speaking various dialects is also high.

For businesses, this could mean hiring more professionals who are capable of translating their company’s promotional copies to the language of their market. Today, we have listed five of the most challenging ones that even professional linguists find a real challenge to learn.


One major reason why many people study Mandarin is its extensive usage. It’s the most spoken language in the world and the one considered as the most complicated one. Aside from the complex and distinct tones that its words have, idioms and aphorisms are also included in its communication system as derived from China’s long and rich history.


Writing in Arabic is notorious for being a real pain. It doesn’t include vowels and letters are written in four different forms depending on how they are placed in one work. Moreover, they also have many dialects. Meaning, those Arabic languages are spoken in one area may not be the same as the ones used in another place. Collectively, however, they are known as Arabic.


Several notable international companies like Samsung and LG originated in Korea. Given that they are global, professionals, whom the company hires for their team has to learn the local Korean language aside from English.

To non-natives, this can be real difficult because the Korean language doesn’t have any close affiliation to other languages. One could say that it is entirely unique in itself. Its structure is also different than the usual one, with the object coming first before the action.


If you have ever tried learning the Japanese writing system, you will understand why it’s hard to study at a native level. They have three writing systems – Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji, and while the first two are easy, Kanji has always been a challenge even to the native. There are thousands of unique characters you will need to learn before you can write a full text using the language.


This language, being the last on our list doesn’t mean that it’s easier than the first four. It is straight difficult, complicated and can be a real headache to first-time speakers.

While some of the pronunciation are similar to English, the various alterations, consonant gradation and more makes writing and speaking the language highly complicated.

Conjugation of verbs also matters as this can entirely change the meaning of the whole text. For someone who dreams of mastering the language, understanding these things is a must.

Learning a new language makes you an in-demand professional in the field of translation. If you want to find out more and meet new people in the industry of your choice, you must be willing to spend considerable time knowing their language.