Things You Need to Know About Language and Translation

Thanks to language and translation, breaking barriers became possible. Also, the global market is increasingly becoming more connected, thus making businesses up their games and search for innovative and engaging ways to connect with their audience. This is why translation and transcription companies are very much in demand in today’s scene. However, language and translation are much more complex than one might think. Here are some facts that you might find surprising.

1. For those who have English as their native language, it would take about two years to become proficient in Arabic, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean. For Arabic, they use fewer vowels, thus making it more On the other hand, the Japanese language uses three different writing systems and two syllabary systems. As a tonal language with a complex writing system, studying Chinese can be arduous. Meanwhile, the Korean language is comprised of difficult sentence structure, syntax, and verb conjugations.

2. The rise of the industry can be attributed to different sectors: medical, legal, financial, and educational. It’s no wonder it’s become one of the most profitable industries in the market today.

3. It all started with primitive ways like imitating animal Another theory suggests that these may have originated from facial expressions, hand gestures, and sounds like wails or cheers to accompany them. Through time, language has become more complex and several elements have been incorporated like lexicon and grammar.

4. English may be the most popular language on the Internet, but did you know that the other 48% is produced in other languages? To expand your global reach, hiring translation and transcription companies would be an ideal move.

5. This is in commemoration of Saint Jerome, the patron saint of He was known to be the first person to translate the Bible from Hebrew to Latin.

6. Aside from being the fourth spoken language in the world, Spanish has fewer language irregularities (like the letter ñ) than other Romance languages, which makes it easier to translate.

7. In addition it is also the most widely translated book.

8. As mentioned earlier, it all began through primitive ways, but the exact date as to when it really started is still under More or less, it was during the era when humans communicated through sounds and gestures.

9. Although language is constantly innovating, some languages also die as time passes.

10. If you want to be a part of a translation and transcription company, you need to be a good researcher, writer, and It takes hard work to be part of this industry.