Lexcode Case Study: Japanese-to-English Localization

Service requested: Japanese-to-English localization and editing of 553,331 lines Result: Completed In 2020, Lexcode got the opportunity to work on the localization and editing of English documents translated from Japanese for the creation of term bases and training data for a top multilingual machine translation cloud service in Korea. Client’s background: Top localization company based […]

Break and Build: Team Building Takeaways

Our company team building in January 2018 was unique and memorable. I know the concept of a freedom wall, but it was my first time to have seen one. The people of our fantastic venue—Bakasyunan—creatively thought of this taksyapo* spot where one could release tension by hurling a plate or two while cursing someone in […]

5 Back-to-School Tips to Prepare You for the Real World

Summer is over. No more beaches, out-of-town trips, recliners, or bathing suits. Right now, all you need to do is prepare your back-to-school supplies and prerequisites. Although your two-month vacation has already hit its annual expiration date, the excitement of going back to school should never be overlooked. Now that you’re back in the classroom, […]

Why Accurate Translation and Subtitles Are Important to Anime and K-Drama Lovers

Accurate translation requires professional translation services. Thanks to good subtitling—not to mention the dubbing artists portraying every emotion the character shows—many of us are able to appreciate anime, K-drama, and other foreign shows despite the language barriers. And that’s where we get hooked! Let’s get this straight—yuppies love Korean dramas and Japanese anime today because […]

Factors that Dictate the Overall Competence of a Translation Service

There are several myths saying something about how translation services are declining. Some will even argue that anyone who is bilingual and could speak another language is qualified to work for the industry as a professional translator. Reality talks about the opposite. Translation services may not be as popular as website design, but their need […]

The UNMEI Expo 2016

October 16 was a big day for the multicultural community of Japanese language enthusiasts in the Philippines. Consequently, it was also a big day to be feared. A week before the event, headlines everywhere pointed out to that one name that we probably were too familiar with as a sweet and simple regular friend, Karen—Typhoon […]