5 Reasons Why You Should Hire Professional Editors

Lexcode Philippines has always been recognized as one of the country’s top translation companies. But in the past few years, its other services, including English editing, have also made their mark in the language industry. The company’s team of professional editors, each backed by years of considerable experience handling different file types, can assist you […]

3 Points that Editors Try to Fix in Legal Writing

If you have read a contract, court decision, law book, or legal opinion, then you know that lawyers can write exhaustive and wordy pieces of work that can seemingly make no sense at all. In truth, a written legal document should not be complicated and hard to understand. Often, the complication stems from lawyers’ tendency […]

The Oxford Comma Conundrum

It may seem a wonder that all over the world, there remains a great divide as to whether or not the Oxford comma should be used. For the uninitiated, the Oxford comma refers to the last comma in a list of things—hence, its other name, the serial comma. Let’s take a look at this classic […]

Why Professional Editing Is Important for Companies and Businesses

Effective written communication is essential in today’s competitive business world. How a company or a business looks on paper can either make or break its reputation. An impeccably written and concise corporate or business document—such as a company profile, business presentation, company brochure, and business proposal—conveys professionalism to potential clients and investors, which, in turn, […]