How to Improve Your Internet Search

The Internet is an infinite source of information. However, having the world’s finest sword is different from being able to wield it. At the same time, having all the information in the world available right at your fingertips can prove useless when you don’t really know how to locate valuable resources in the first place. […]

Universal Languages

The first time I stepped into a foreign land was in 2008 when our family went on a trip to China. It was there that I saw how serious the Chinese are in doing their business. As part of the tour, we had free time to roam around the shopping district and buy souvenirs and […]

The UNMEI Expo 2016

October 16 was a big day for the multicultural community of Japanese language enthusiasts in the Philippines. Consequently, it was also a big day to be feared. A week before the event, headlines everywhere pointed out to that one name that we probably were too familiar with as a sweet and simple regular friend, Karen—Typhoon […]