Lexcode Case Study: Japanese-to-English Localization

Service requested: Japanese-to-English localization and editing of 553,331 lines Result: Completed In 2020, Lexcode got the opportunity to work on the localization and editing of English documents translated from Japanese for the creation of term bases and training data for a top multilingual machine translation cloud service in Korea. Client’s background: Top localization company based […]

What Is Hedging? (And No, We’re Not Talking about the Shrubs in Your Backyard)

Hedging is something that often comes up in most of our daily writing—e-mails, reports, and even simple chat messages. Go ahead and open your inbox right now. Chances are, you’re also guilty of committing this act. But, what the heck is hedging anyway? What Is Hedging? In language, a hedge (noun) refers to cautious or […]