Crucial Questions You Need to Ask Before Hiring a Translation Service

Translating marketing copies from one language to another has become mainstream ever since a lot of companies decided to expand their operation overseas. Considering the ease of communication and file transfer through the internet, even startup businesses are encouraged to test the waters in foreign lands to see if their planned venture has any potential […]

5 Common Types of Translation Service Startup Businesses Should Know About

Coming up with the decision to expand one’s company services require more than just a solid budget plan. Reaching out to other countries would mean that one would also need to communicate with the market using their local language. This is where translation services come in. At present, there are lots of agencies offering translation […]

Proven-Effective Ways to Reduce Translation Cost

In business, going global requires more than just creating a budget projection for the first three years of operation. One of the most basic requirements is investing on a quality translation agency who will be in-charge of translating your company’s marketing content to the local languages of your target places of expansion. From website articles […]

Connecting Worlds: Nuno Rosalino (Portuguese English Translator)

For over five years now, Lexcode linguists like Nuno Rosalino, have played a significant role in the success of our clients all over the world—mostly organization leaders, businessmen, and working professionals needing translations for the English and Portuguese language pair. As we celebrate International Translation Month this September, let’s get to know Nuno more personally […]

An Interview with Khalid Hassan

As a localization company, translators are a big part of Lexcode’s success. For the past five years, Khalid Hassan has been one of Lexcode’s trusted Arabic translators, and he specializes in translating government files, legal contracts and forms, and product labels from English to Arabic and vice versa. During his free time, he likes to […]

Localize to Globalize

Pepsi’s “Come Alive with the Pepsi Generation” was translated into “Pepsi Brings Your Ancestors Back from the Grave” in Chinese. You might find this boo-boo funny because they’re made by someone else, but for the company concerned, this is not a laughingstock. Aside from the embarrassment that they would suffer, this can also cost them […]

A Brief Overview of the Translation Industry

The practice of translating languages has been manifested even before speculative theories on the origin of spoken language, such as Bow-wow, Pooh-pooh, Ding-dong, Yo-he-ho, and Ta-ta, were published in 1861 by historical linguist Max Muller. Early evidences of translation can be dated as far back as approximately 2,000 BCE when The Epic of Gilgamesh, one […]