Robots vs. Humans: Who Will Triumph in Translation?

The competition between robots and humans is getting more and more intense as the automation technology continues to progress.

Over the years, there have been major concerns about robotics taking over the workplace and eventually replacing humans in multitudes of jobs.

While each has its own limitations, who will take over the world of translation?

We’ve rated them based on the following criteria.


When it comes to production rate, robots are able to beat humans by a long shot. They can generate output in a matter of seconds.

However, it’s only deemed helpful when you want to comprehend the gist of the content. It does not guarantee fluency and readability. More often than not, they produce translations that sound unnatural and artificial—unacceptable in most circumstances, particularly for official records.


If you’ve tried any translation software online, I’m sure you know what I’m about to talk about: translated texts are almost always accompanied by incorrect grammar and incorrect word choice.

These programs have a tendency to translate passages word-for-word, disregarding proper sentence arrangements and patterns—a big no-no when you’re in the business or academic sector.

While not all humans are skilled enough to construct clear and precise translations, professional translators are educated on appropriate grammar usage and are able to expound content beyond actual words.


Metaphors, idioms, customs, and humor are just some of the things robots fail to decipher.

One of the major disadvantages of using an automated machine is its lack of rationality: it does not have the ability to think.

Humans, on the other hand, are able to retain context, expressions, tone, and emotions. Hence, they are more effective with complex writings that contain underlying meanings.

Languages are vastly complicated. The way it stands today, we can safely conclude that translations would continue to be dependent on humans.

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