Proofed by Lexcode: Proofreading and the People Behind It

The appearance of your copy is always tied to your credibility. It needs to be polished before submission so that the recipient may take seriously what you have written. Every error should be corrected to make your writing flow smoothly as it is read.

You may polish the copy by yourself, but you will still inevitably miss some minor or major errors, which could ruin the credibility of your work. Fortunately, you can get assistance by looking for professional proofreading services to help ensure you do not fall victim to self-editing oversight.

Understanding Proofreading

Read the paragraph below and try to find errors on it:

“Proofreading is the most basic editing service. It includes checking for errors in grammar, punctuation, usage, and spelling in the presentation of data. It is usually recommended for documents in the final stage before publication.”

There are no errors in the example above. Nevertheless, you read it slowly, and you meticulously looked for writing errors even if there seemed to be none. What you have experienced is how a proofreader’s mind works.

It is also worth noting that a professional proofreading service is different from a professional copyediting service. Proofreading only deals with correcting errors and inconsistencies, whereas copyediting involves the revision of the writing in the copy. The images below illustrate their differences:

The Proofreaders

Proofreaders are the ones willing to help you catch errors, address issues, and work with you to improve your content. However, not everyone is wired to be a proofreader. You cannot just assign anyone with a good command of the English language for the proofreading task.

A professional proofreading service should be done by someone who possesses the following qualities:

  • Passion for reading and writing;
  • Knowledge of English grammar and structure rules.
  • A keen eye for detail and accuracy;
  • Patience that is similar to that of a saint; and
  • Familiarity with a multitude of style guides (such as APA, MLA, Oxford Guide, AP Stylebook, Chicago Manual, and more)

[Source: Online English Editor, The Five Attributes of a Good Proofreader]

A good proofreader also needs to have a knack for spotting and fixing errors in a copy and explain why there is an error. No copy is daunting for them even if it is a thesis, term paper, or a manuscript. Their patience enables them to work through the copy with outstanding thoroughness, ensuring every word, grammatical structure, and punctuation is corrected without lapses.

Lexcode it

A Lexcodian proofreader embodies all the qualities of a good proofreader. They are equipped with years of extensive experience in handling various file types; every project they handle is given absolute attention and a professional degree of meticulousness to achieve their client’s satisfaction.

If you need a proofreading service done, trust Lexcode.


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