Of Various Subjects and Purposes: File Types Edited by Lexcode

With Lexcode, you can be sure that our professional editors are trained for different kinds of files. Before working with our team, however, it’s best to pin down which file type your document falls under. Here is a helpful list so you can classify your document’s file type and further improve your writing.


These are files related to research. They follow strict guidelines in terms of formatting and style that are crucial for acceptance in certain institutions, journals, or publications. Examples: Theses, dissertations, research papers, scholarly articles, and academic reports


These files are produced for companies, industries, and other corporate entities. As such, appropriate terminologies are used to reflect the intended tone or branding. In some cases, companies produce their own in-house style guide. Examples: Company manuals, tax policies, and statements; copyright and trademark guidelines; and training manuals


These files have the same structure as academic files but focus more on the behavior of economies and economic agents, often containing statistics and data. These also normally contain many graphs and tables. Examples: Economic reports, market and marketing research reports, data files, and assessment


These files contain content for the gaming industry, including scripts, instructions, character descriptions, and the like. Because it is doubly important to ensure proper localization in game files (think Mortal Kombat in Filipino), higher attention is given to ensuring precise character dialog and in-game notifications. Examples: Game content scripts and updates, gaming website content, character dialogs, and character descriptions


These files are documents required, produced, and managed, as well as submitted to, the government or government-related bodies. Most of Lexcode’s clients are required by their local government to have forms in their local language translated to English, and these are just one of the many materials we handle under this file type. Examples: Government forms, certificates, and reports, and project proposals


These files contain content related to computers, data, or related information, including codes and programming languages. As such, language for this file type needs to be precise with ZERO room for error. Examples: System and user manuals, product reports and descriptions, and program documentation

These files are formal and confidential in nature as they contain important information for institutions, organizations, etc., ensuring proper legalese and conformity to given guidelines, rules, and regulations. Examples: Policies, agreements, memorandum of understandings, terms and conditions, and contracts


These files are creative in nature and often use metaphors to convey meaning. In some cases, they can defy grammatical conventions and standards for the sake of tone and delivery. Examples: Poems, prose, anecdotes, short stories, scripts, and screenplays


These are files that contain straightforward, informative language usually to describe processes and procedures in machinery and other mechanical equipment, including documents needed for both light and heavy industries. Examples: User manuals, project documentation guidelines, design guidelines, and project analyses


These files include content meant to be shared among mass media in an easily comprehensible, accurate, and interesting format. Examples: Entertainment materials, press releases, and news articles


These files are related to the field of medicine, covering medical research, different medical specialties and subspecialties, and many other aspects of health. Examples: Clinical reports, medical forms, medical research papers, product descriptions, and transcriptions


These files are normally first-hand accounts of personal experiences, social events, and the like. Examples: Conversation records, CVs/résumés, speeches, blog articles, and essays


These files are related to marketing communication targeting specific audiences and are normally persuasive in nature. Examples: Product descriptions, website content, contest rules, and campaign materials


These files mostly contain highly specialized information for scientific, engineering, or technical reports. Examples: Lab reports, memos, analytical content

Did you see the type of file you are working on? Whatever that file type is, we guarantee that Lexcode can help you save time in making your manuscript publication-ready! As an ISO 9001:2015–certified company with more than 2 decades worth of expertise, let us take care of your editing needs. Avail of our professional editing services today through this link or send your request at [email protected]!