Medical Translation Services in the Philippines

Create valuable and effective medical documents. Lexcode is here to help you translate and localize medical records and other necessary documents in the medical field.

What is Medical Translation?

Medical translation is the process of converting healthcare documents from one language to another. This applies to written text such as physician’s notes, medical regulations, surgical procedure examinations, consent forms, pharmacological instructions, and medical device instructions.

How will it help my business?

Medical professionals work hard to ensure their patients are well and in good health. Therefore, medical translation is important when assisting both doctors and patients in getting a better and more accurate understanding of medical documents written in different languages.

Our Medical Translation Services

Understanding medical documents is crucial. There is always a danger in comprehending medical records, such as missing a zero or using the word “hypo” instead of “hyper” for a patient. Translation service companies like Lexcode exist so doctors and other medical professionals can provide their colleagues and patients with an error-free, proofread version of their work. The smallest mistake could result in grave instances such as a patient not receiving proper medical care or a serious misinterpretation of a series of medical practices. Lexcode seeks to provide accurate, efficient, and effective translation and interpretation of various materials and documents in the medical field.


Medical translation is not just about coordinating with doctors and their medical records, as there are also several other areas where this is needed. For example, pharmaceutical companies also heavily rely on medical translation services so that medical drugs, devices, and instructions are localized to the local area where they are sold.


Fortunately, many countries like the Philippines now offer medical translation services, addressing both medical professionals’ and patients’ needs to understand medical records and avoid serious medical mishaps.


Types of Medical Translation

Today, medical translation continues to be one of the most in-demand among all other translation services. The medical field demands utmost precision and accuracy both technically and linguistically, hence the need for translation companies to have expert knowledge and a deep understanding of global regulatory compliances, standards, and practices.


Different types of medical translation depend on the various medical content available.


Hospital Setting


Website and Marketing Materials


A hospital or clinic’s website is usually the first thing patients view and visit to find information about doctors and services. Translating a hospital’s website and marketing materials into different languages will help reach as many potential patients as possible.


Patient Information and Records


Forms such as patient information and other records are crucial in hospitals, clinics, and other medical facilities. These documents need to be translated into the patients’ native language and, at the same time, the language that the attending physician speaks. In the case of patients coming from another country, records should be translated to the language that the receiving doctors understand.


Hospital Signages


Larger hospitals and medical facilities with numerous departments should have signages translated in different languages. The best way to do this is to use the most common languages spoken in the local community where the facility is located. This ultimately helps patients navigate through the facility and prevents them from going into restricted areas.


Prescription Labels


It will be challenging and confusing to understand a prescription that is totally different from the language that you speak. Prescription labels, documentation, and instructions that come with the medications should always be translated to the patient’s native language, so they understand what the drug is for. It is crucial that patients fully understand a particular drug’s interaction with food and other medicines, how many times they should take the medicine, and when they should take it. Medical translations for prescription labels and instructions should always be accurate to avoid medical mishaps.


Clinical Trial Documents


Crucial documents involving clinical trials should always be available in the language of the participants. Clinical trials are vital in the development of medicine, and anyone who participates should be fully aware of the possible risks and compensations throughout the whole trial. Medical translations for clinical trial documents ensure that communication gaps and language barriers are covered.


Consent Forms


Translating consent forms into the patient’s native language will help them understand their participation and involvement in a medical procedure, surgical procedure, medical study, or clinical trial.


General Setting


Academic and Research


The medical field grows through studies and research. Translating medical journals and studies will help medical professionals establish protocols, abstracts, and research harmoniously.


Medical Devices


It is important for consumers to read instruction manuals of medical devices. The user must fully understand how to operate and assemble the device. Accurately translating instruction manuals of medical devices will significantly help the end-user seamlessly know the parts, assemble, and operate them.




There is a high demand for translating patents as the level of accuracy here is critical. Patent application documents should be translated into various languages because these are applied in various countries where a drug or device is available.


Patient Brochures


Patient brochures and other institutions involved in the medical field need to localize brochures, leaflets, and other hardcopies to serve various patients. Translating these materials into different languages will pave the way for easier communication and comprehension.


Other Medical Documents

Moreover, here are a few other medical documents that may need medical translation:


  • Mental health evaluations
  • Medical reports
  • Autopsies
  • Contracts
  • Case reports
  • Reproductive health literature

Professional Medical Translation Services in the Philippines

With Lexcode, you can avoid medical content and document mishaps that might cause serious medical consequences down the line. Medical translation is highly specialized. Trust that our Lexcodian medical translators are competent, trained, and highly knowledgable in the medical field to help you with all necessary medical records and documents that need translation.

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