Lexcode’s Spoo-WHO-ky Halloween

It’s that time of the year again—nope, it’s not Christmas—where kids get to roam the streets dressed in their scariest costumes to score all kinds of candies. Never ones to be outdone, adults gather together to celebrate the event until the wee hours of the morning, dressed up as superheroes, characters from different TV series, or even as McDonald’s mouthwatering french fries. You’ve got that right. We are talking about Halloween.

To join in the festivities, Lexcodians brought their A-game and dressed up as their favorite personalities. But in true Lexcodian fashion, a party wouldn’t truly be a party without the extra challenge, right? Sure, dressing up like your favorite character can be fun, but we decided to take it up a notch. Why not make the least terrifying of characters, well, scary? From Edward Cullen and the Minions to Hyorin of Sistar, this year’s Halloween was one for the books. Lexcodian creativity and ingenuity were put to the test as they were tasked to make the cutest characters look scary. After all, as Judy Gold said, “Halloween is an opportunity to be really creative.”

Now for the fun part, here are the two winners: Ann as a mummified Sakura of Naruto and Loreen as the classical Mary Poppins (or should we say “Scary Poppins”?) So for the young and young at heart: take time to bring out the creativity in you.

Here’s to an even spookier Halloween next year!