Lexcode’s Finest: A Salute to Our Translators and Interpreters

Our translators and interpreters are at the heart of what we do—Lexcode owes its success to these main players who unwaveringly contribute their time, expertise, and resources to provide high-quality and reliable translation services on all our projects.

Every year, Lexcode brings together the remarkable individuals who help our business (and yours) reach a global scale. Lexcode’s Translators and Interpreters Appreciation Night, a modest but meaningful celebration, was held at the City Garden Hotel Makati to welcome our most seasoned and outstanding pool of translators and interpreters in the Philippines.

Strengthening Connections, Nurturing Community

The sit-down dinner enabled guests to interact and bond with fellow colleagues as they enjoyed a short talk from key people of Lexcode.

The evening kicked off with the unveiling of the upcoming website of eQQui Philippines, the interpretation arm of Lexcode. Our Branch Director, Christine Ignacio, shared the ongoing efforts to strategically reshape the platform to create sustainable growth and income for all our interpreters.

As a measure to facilitate transparency, Yvonne Javier, our Senior Project Manager, updated everyone with Lexcode’s mid-year report. She also introduced Trados, a computer-assisted translation (CAT) tool that helps translators work faster while preserving the quality of their work.

A Toast to Excellence

Our CEO, Chul Young Ham, also took the stage as he tackled the threat of the emergence and evolution of machine translations. He reminded the audience that “Together, we will ceaselessly raise our standards and rise up to the challenge.” He also thanked everyone for their passion and dedication that became the bedrock of what Lexcode is today.

Lexcode’s Chief Executive Officer, Chul Young Ham awarding Lexcode’s certificate of recognition to Mr. Deforge, French<>English language translator.
(From L to R) Mr. Tan, Ms. Woonam, Mr. and Mrs. Ng, Ms. Sicat, Ms. Okamoto, Ms. Yglopaz, Mr. Deforge, Ms. Tissot, and Ms. Moricca

The occasion was concluded with the awarding of certificates presented by Mr. Ham himself. Through this humble gathering, it is our fervent hope that our partners and supporters will persistently walk with us toward our relentless pursuit of breaking language barriers and creating opportunities to bring the world closer together.