Lexcode’s Care to Love Project

For Valentine’s Day this year, Lexcode’s project managers prepared “a bundle of sweetness” to show their appreciation and recognition to community workers around Makati.

The project managers, aptly named Customer Accounts and Relationship Engagement (CARE) Team, lovingly prepared an energy-giving bundle of bottled water, bread, chocolates, cookies, and other treats. The handy bundles were tied with red ribbons and also had short notes of encouragement. Street sweepers, construction workers, and traffic enforcers received their CARE packages with shy smiles and expressions of surprise.

Before their working day started on February 14, the CARE Team walked around to catch the city’s hardworking early birds. Though some were, at first, hesitant to accept what we offered, seemingly confused by the gesture, everyone offered their warm smiles and heartfelt “salamat” (thank you) in return.

Lexcode Philippines has been expressing love in various languages since 2010. As the leading translation company in the Philippines, we encounter requests from different individuals who shout their hearts out through letters or notes, translated to their chosen languages, usually Filipino to English, or English to Korean, Japanese, German, and Russian. We have also given away couple mugs with translations of love quotes. This is one good example of showing love using foreign words as an opportunity and not a barrier. However, in 2016, the company wants to go beyond words through simple acts of affirmation for members of our neighborhood whom we always rely on but barely speak with.

A two-way happiness—the joy of giving, accepting, and mutual gratitude even just for a day made this simple activity memorable for everyone. In one way or another, everyone was hit through the heart not by Cupid but by human kindness. So, go out and be a Cupid in your own way. CARE to LOVE! Spread the joy of caring today!