Lexcode joins Agrilink 2015

Expositions usually paint a picture of company booths where representatives, dressed in corporate attire, exchange business cards with potential clients. To understand the nature of the businesses, guests are usually treated to brochures and presentations with the aid of computers. Then in comes Agrilink, along with Foodlink and Aqualink, the event that brings a different spin to the word “exposition.” With Agrilink, you do not just hear about their products, you get to see them first hand. From October 15 to 17, the World Trade Center became the house of various living creatures, from different plants to livestock.

This event did not just draw businessmen from the corporate world; it also attracted people from all walks of life. The expo aimed to aid not just the big corporates but all the individuals in the industry. It strives to promote livelihood opportunities for the average Filipino. Where else would you see live animals in an expo? From chicks to lobsters—you name it, they have it. The event also became the perfect platform for international companies to introduce their country’s latest technologies.

Expos, such as this, provide a great venue to grow and develop industries. Add in the practical element brought to the table by Agrilink, and the event is surely unforgettable. It is through these events that companies get to communicate with one another and share ideas for development. As a company that promotes proper communication, Lexcode values expos that provide a venue for these exchanges. After all, it is through proper communication that a business can grow tenfold.