Language Accuracy and Precision; Relentless Innovation

Now, more than ever, with almost two decades of serving thousands of clients for their interpretation needs, our track record isn’t just our pride, it’s our goal to make it better every time. This is exactly why people go to Lexcode. Not to mention, we’ve created eQQui, which is solely dedicated to our clients seeking for interpretation services.

Founded in California’s Silicon Valley, eQQui is envisioning all interpreters in the world to be in one platform. With more than 4,500 interpreters to date from all over the world and its website localized to 25 languages, eQQui is changing the interpretation industry. Interpreter profiles are no longer a mystery. We’ve revolutionized how résumés are viewed. Users can easily read, see, and listen to an interpreter’s profile.

Importantly, accuracy and precision start from us. We personally assess our interpreters to make sure they perform according to our standards. Moreover, we see to it that they grow with us. We provide trainings and seminars for them to be locally adept and globally competitive.

We don’t just serve our clients, we also cater to the whole industry through our relentless innovation. Equipped with a revolutionary online platform that is a first of its kind in the world, we can provide the rarest of language pairs, only by the best interpreters in the world, in as quickly as a few minutes.

Whether for personal matters, casual business meetings, or international conferences, we have the right interpreters for the job. Tell us your requirements, and we’ll take care of everything from start to finish. Getting you the best type of interpretation at a very competitive rate is our priority.