Confirming Your Request

You’ll receive an email notification, similar to the one below, once your quote has been finalized and awaiting your confirmation.

Once in LEX-Cloud, you may click on your project with the Completed status, which means your finalized quote is ready for your review.

On this page, you can view all the details regarding your quote. You may also Print or File download your quotation as it will be needed in one of the requirements later.

Once you’ve decided to proceed with your request, please prepare your Signed Quotation and Proof of Payment (50% Down payment or Full Payment), and click Order Requests.

For our bank and payment details, you may see them at the bottom part of your quotation.

Once Order Requests is clicked, upload your Signed Quotation and Proof of Payment, and press Send. If you have any additional requests, you can include them in the text box as well.

You’ll know that your request has been sent successfully when your project status changes to Confirmed under the Project page.

Your project status will change again to Ongoing, which means our project managers and translators are now working on your file.