Infographic: The Definitive Checklist When Choosing Your Transcription Services Provider

With tons of transcription companies vying for your attention, you need to be sure you are getting what you paid for. However, it can be so easy to get lost in the process, so here are some points you should keep in mind when looking for the best service providers in the market.

  1. The best transcription service providers offer 24/7 support for clients. Whether it be on answering e-mails or calls, they should provide you an accessible line that can attend to all your concerns immediately.

  2. A website with the company’s contact details is also a sure sign that your service provider operates legitimately.

  3. Request for a list of clients and their testimonials. This should give you an idea of the quality of service the transcription company provides. The best transcription service providers have a stellar list of satisfied clients both locally and internationally.

  4. A trustworthy transcription service provider must have at least a decade of operation in the industry. This makes them an expert that you can trust, which is something that will be beneficial for your business.

  5. Security is important when choosing from various transcription companies out there. To ensure that your files are in safe hands, assess the confidentiality agreement carefully and conduct a background check on the company you are eyeing on.

  6. If a deadline is a pressing concern, discussing the project timeline is crucial before signing up for that service. Don’t forget to ask questions. Ask about current clients who are in the same industry and how their experience has been so far.

  7. Check processes and policies on how the service provider manages issues and the like. How is workload handled in the company? How do they adjust to a changing environment? Things like these should be looked into before deciding on the transcription company you’re going to work with.

Once you have considered all these, you should be more confident in choosing the right transcription company for what your job calls for. Take the first step, hire a professional transcription service provider, and grow your business now.