How Voice-Overs Are Applied on Videos

Voice-overs are everywhere. The voice-over talents’ recorded lines play all over the Philippines in animated films, commercials, radio dramas, documentaries, video games, and more. We hear it every day even when we do not actively think about it.

Voice-overs influence our lives in many ways that we do not expect.

What If Voice-Overs Do Not Exist?

Can you imagine hearing a trailer of a well-known movie on the radio without any voices?

Try listening to this trailer. Open it on a new tab, look away from your screen, and just let it play.

Do you recognize the movie? If not, listen to this. You would be able to tell what it is now that there are voice-overs!

Hearing a well-known movie trailer feels different without the voices that make it stand out. The trailer you have heard is one of the many recognizable audio and video ads that are recorded, processed, and shown to us every day.

This infographic will explain how it is made.

Through this process, you can watch a Netflix movie with a different dubbing, watch an epic trailer from Facebook, get information from commercials, listen to catchy radio ads, and more.

The delivery of these media is made possible by excellent voice-over talents and a dedicated production team behind them. We get entertainment and information, and in return, they earn from it and may sometimes get the recognition for their creative work.