How to Use Digital Marketing to Your Benefit with Closed Captioning

The online world facilitates user interaction in ways traditional media has never done before. And as technology advances, businesses have no choice but to adapt. The top consumers for these kinds of features include the social media platforms of various businesses, where the end-users go online to consume content where options are limitless. Creating relevant content that transforms potential consumers into repeat customers has always been critical to these businesses. Making videos is the most effective way to engage customers, as nearly half of Internet users look for videos related to a product or service before visiting a store.

Facebook hosts 8 billion views on average daily, with 85% of the content being viewed without sound. While Facebook’s content mostly comprises short videos with text or narrations and captions displaying appropriate content, the goal is to make this online content accessible to people whenever they need them.

Closed captioning is not a new feature, but it is now being used more frequently to engage consumers. As a result, it has become significant in the field of digital marketing and online engagement. Closed captioning allows businesses to present important information about their product or service without overwhelming the viewer with text on the screen. Closed-captioned videos are also preferred by the hearing impaired. According to an article published by Meta, moreover, closed captioning can increase video views by 12%. This figure may appear insignificant, but when multiplied by 10, it can make a huge difference. For example, if a company already has 1 million views on a video, adding closed captions could result in an additional 120,000 views. Closed captioning can also help improve a website’s search engine optimization (SEO). This is because closed captions are text data that search engines can crawl and index. Furthermore, because closed captions are typically keyword-rich, they can enhance the ranking of a website or video on search engine results pages.

It’s clear why closed captioning has become such an important part of digital marketing; it increases engagement and viewership according to the data. Lexcode can assist you in adding captions to your videos so you can begin reaping the benefits for your business. Maximize your videos with closed captioning by reaching out to us.  We have provided closed captioning services to major streaming companies, and we can do the same for your channel or brand.