Five Things to Consider When Formatting Files

Before the finished translated file is submitted to the client, the original file goes first to Lexcode’s Desktop Publishing Team for pre- and post-formatting—a measure to ensure that the file is of high quality before and after the document is submitted for translation.

Below are some of the important things we take into consideration before submitting the translated files to our valued clients.

Are the right words emphasized?

Mistakes like words that are in bold, italics, and underlined in the original were not formatted properly occur. Making sure that the texts are formatted correctly is necessary because certain terms are emphasized for importance.

Are there any misplaced or missing texts?

Not only should texts be formatted correctly, but they should also all be present and be in the correct order. We understand that the texts we are asked to translate are valuable and we make sure that nothing is left out or missing. We know that what we are provided with is important information for our clients.

Is the document readable?

Sometimes, we receive files that are not legible. Our Desktop Publishing Team uses their formatting skills to lay out the documents in a way that makes sure the overall product looks presentable and legible—before and after translation.

Are the images clear?

It’s not just the layout and texts in the document we ensure that are of high quality; we also ensure that images in the document are at par or—at the very least—close to the quality of the original image.

Does the document resemble what the client originally gave?

We also use our formatting skills in making the document look like the original that the client provided. The only difference between the original and the translated document should be the language.

Here at Lexcode, our exceptional Desktop Publishing Team handles files with layouts ranging from the simplest to the most complex. Let us handle your documents to get the best results!