Factors that Dictate the Overall Competence of a Translation Service

There are several myths saying something about how translation services are declining. Some will even argue that anyone who is bilingual and could speak another language is qualified to work for the industry as a professional translator.

Reality talks about the opposite. Translation services may not be as popular as website design, but their need is just as in-demand. With companies now expanding their reach to foreign countries, we see entrepreneurs reaching out to translation agencies to arrive at a good deal.

If you’re looking for one, might as well check these crucial factors that dictate the efficiency or competence of a translation company.


In any business, time equals to money. The more you spend working on something, the greater would be the cost. Same goes for translation agencies. The length of time spent by companies translating those documents sent by clients could affect the final costing.

Time is also the reason why many agencies at present employ the help of digital tools in translation. Companies are now on the lookout for third-party services that could deliver fast results, and automating work processes is a good way to do it.

To make sure they use their time wisely, translation companies invest on the following:

  • Organized staffing capable of translating, proofreading and editing content
  • Creating teams of translators so that the agency could accept simultaneous projects without having to sacrifice the quality that they promise to deliver
  • Use of translation memories that ultimately speeds up work process and reduces cost both for the agency and the company hiring them


Different companies have their standard operating procedures so it shouldn’t be a surprise to find translation deals that are also priced differently. If you’re still in the process of canvassing services, it’s vital that you look into the price difference and find justification for the deals. Why is one service priced higher than the rest? What does one provide that the others don’t?

Translation companies that use advanced tools may be able to finish their work faster, but they may ask for higher fee considering their overall speed and efficiency.

There are also agencies that are open to negotiation. Depending on the type and number of documents you want them to translate, you might be able to strike a good deal.


Measuring the quality of one service can be tricky. After all, no particular standard provides quantitative measurement for a translation agency’s efficiency. However, the most trusted services are those who have the following:

  • Native professional translators or equivalent who knows how to speak and write the language proficiently
  • Editors, proofreaders, and translators who have passed recognized translation test to assure their competence in the language of their choice
  • Translators who are experts in certain areas making them familiar with terminologies such as those used in medical, legal and business documents
  • Proof of Quality Assurance Standards, assuring the clients that they operate and deliver accurate translation

If you do a quick search online, you’ll see that there are lots of online services and even apps or software that help you perform the necessary conversion. And while few of them does a decent job, statistics reveal that human editors, proofreaders, and translators are still way better.

Digital tools can be practical support items in translation works, but they are not a foolproof solution for your corporate needs. Various industries need accuracy and competent marketing strategy to pull the attention of their primary target market.

This won’t be possible in the absence of high-quality copy in all of your business materials such as website content and promotional messages on social media. Find a quality translation agency and get a good deal!


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