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What is document translation?

The most straightforward explanation is that document translation is the process of converting written text on a document from one language to another. This can be applied to tangible documents such as manuals or letters, or other types of media content, like websites, audio and video recordings, or emails.

How will it help my business?

If your business’ document or content is translated into the native language of your target market, then consumers will more likely spend more time reviewing your products or services, helping boost your sales and conversion.

Our Document Translation Services

If you could not understand something, whether it be someone’s speech or a written document, how far would you go to bridge that gap of knowledge and comprehension? Well, that is why translation service companies exist, so you would not have to go too far into your journey of linguistic enlightenment. Some companies provide basic translation services as needed, and there are those like Lexcode that provide effective, efficient, and empathetic translation and interpretation of various materials and documents.

Imagine if all written materials and documents were transcribed in one language and comprehensible to everyone. It would be so convenient, but alas, in this world where the Tower of Babel’s builders have been scattered, such a society remains in the imagination. The diversity of world languages brings with it a diversity of written content. However, with the power of professional translation services, steps can be taken to ensure different types of written content can be understood by everyone, regardless of where they are from. From fiction books to legal contracts, there is a variety of content to translate and transcribe. People around the world can definitely enrich and improve their lives as global citizens if they have lexical access to all types of written materials and documents. 

The 1987 Constitution of the Philippines recognizes Filipino and English as the country’s two official languages. The Philippines is also home to more than 180 languages, so one might think that some Filipinos would have little to no experience with their official languages. However, the Internet is a big part of Filipino daily life. Filipinos are some of the most active online users in the world and can access media and content in different languages. As such, one can expect that their data imprint is massive, significant, and continuously growing. It can be inferred that the translation of content and documents online or off-line is a growing demand and worthy challenge that needs fulfillment.

Fortunately, countries like the Philippines offer a variety of professional translation services for various situations, with one such service being document translation. Document translation addresses readers’ and consumers’ needs to transform written works and documents from the original or source language to one familiar to the target readers and consumers. Professional or commercial document translation services can translate technical manuals, medical books, court proceedings, and the like. Adhering to fidelity, consistency, and accuracy when translating these materials is a must. 


A Much-Needed Service

Document translation services employ a multitude of dedicated translators and technologies that make it easy to have translated works and documents. There will also be someone from translation services to stay in touch with clients concerning their materials to ensure their satisfaction with the finished product. It must also be emphasized that, like all types of writing, translations are made for an audience. Therefore, translated works must be reassessed time and again for the needs of their intended audience.

Are you thinking about working, studying, or relocating to another country? Lexcode can help you meet your chosen country’s requirements by translating your documents and other related materials. Allow our dedicated translation and localization managers to handle all your document translation needs and update you on the process from start to finish. For two decades, we have been helping businesses and other entities expand their global presence by increasing their reach and engagement with international audiences. We transform content through translation, localization, and copyediting. Lexcodians make use of 5,000 linguistic resources just for you. Some of the important documents our Filipino language translators may help you with include those from the following fields.



The most straightforward strategy to increase sales is to communicate with your market in a language they understand. Businesses wanting to enter the consumer market in anticipation of the Philippines’ rising middle class especially need translation services. It’s advisable to translate advertisements and copy material for products or services into Filipino to measure up to their lexical and linguistic diversity. Taking time to provide localized content is also one way to tell consumers that you care about them. Decoding foreign languages and translating your visual or written content into Filipino is an effective means of communicating and being culturally sensitive.



You will need expert translation service providers familiar with the language and the country’s business and financial sectors if you are looking to expand your business into the Philippines and penetrate the market. You can then rest assured that financial reports, tax forms, and other related documents will be adeptly translated into Filipino and compliant with regulations. Accuracy is essential when translating financial materials; top banks, financial organizations, and Lexcode know this all very well. Whether translating to or from Filipino, producing reports, or proofreading the documents, our professional Filipino language translation services ensure that your services are efficient and accurate.



For application purposes, whether for a residency or a visitor’s visa, you may need to present documents in English or Filipino. Basic document translation services are out of the question because the documents involved are official ones, such as driver’s licenses and passports.



As the world continues to digitize and enterprises continue to globalize, it is inevitable that international entities or organizations would require the use of legal documents understandable by all sides. There is no room for error when translating law-related documents and materials (certificates, contracts, licenses, wills, and others), as such errors could incur the wrath of the law itself. Law firms, courts at all levels, and other entities or organizations enmeshed in the law turn to professional document translation services for exact and legally compliant translations. The translation of legal materials such as court decisions and proceedings into Filipino or any other language also helps enhance access to justice. It must be noted that in the Philippines, English is an official language in local legal matters, a fact generally necessitated by the increasingly international nature of legal proceedings and transactions. 



Do you need to understand medical reports, labeling, or clinical trial material for medical purposes or market research? We can assist you in translating content related to health care, medical products, pharmaceuticals, and biotechnology. The translation quality of medical and health-care documents cannot be compromised because of the sensitive nature of the materials involved. Lab results, patient reports, medical scans, and pharmaceutical labels contain critical information, and one incorrect translation can lead to serious consequences.



Have you ever ordered a machine from another country only to discover that the instructions aren’t in English? Are you combing for extra references for your research but can’t find any English sources? We can assist you in translating similar documents as well as other highly technical materials.



We aren’t limited to the examples given; these are only some of the typical files and materials we receive. Rest assured that we will meet your needs, both non-technical and technical.

Besides those mentioned above, there are other situations where you may need translation help, such as for web content or if you’re applying to the country’s many learning institutions. As long as you are in the Philippines or targeting the Filipino market, you will undoubtedly find a need for Filipino language translation services.

It becomes difficult for us to try to connect with citizens from different nations around our world when the means for connection and understanding—language—also poses a challenge. A language carries with it a people’s culture and view of the world. Understanding the history of and learning about the Philippines’ national language can help with day-to-day interactions and save you from unnecessary embarrassment, especially when you’re involved in miscellaneous exchanges with Filipinos from different regions. Filipinos are fortunate that most of them were raised in bilingual or multilingual communities. They are people of cultural diversity who find new ways of viewing and connecting with the world. Building a relationship with the Philippines requires exploring its culture, the respect of its people, and the dispersal of truths through their language. Building this relationship takes time, and in this fast-paced world that we live in, time can be limited. People all over the world sometimes barely make it to the end of the day and manage to accomplish all or most of their tasks in their daily routine. However, thanks to effective document translation services, a speedier but no less genuine way of building relationships worldwide has become available. No one in the world needs to become lost in translation.

How will it help my business?

With Lexcode, you can avoid content or document translation mishaps that might cost you plenty of money down the line. Even one instance of a translation oversight can put you and your business between a rock and a hard place. To keep that from happening and avoid it all, you certainly need help from our Lexcodians.

Lexcode is a localization company that runs its own work platforms, namely, LEX-Cloud, eQQui, BIS@T, and BAVL. We can localize your materials sans time-consuming emails, phone calls, and office visits. Just like online shopping, ordering a translation service is made faster and easier with Lexcode. Be understood. Be read locally. Be with Lexcode!

Let's talk about your project.

We are committed to delivering exceptional output quality and client service. Our localization managers can assist you in meeting your linguistic requirements.

Let's talk about your project.

We are committed to delivering exceptional output quality and client service. Our localization managers can assist you in meeting your linguistic requirements.