Can a Freelance Career Truly Benefit Academic Editors?

As the world remains in lockdown, freelance opportunities have expanded from food delivery drivers and creatives to more niche services like writing and editing. In the field of more academic editing, freelance opportunities have always been available. Thankfully, the pandemic has not affected the demand for such services, and, in some cases, this need for academic editing has never been greater than ever.

Freelancing as an academic editor grants numerous positive benefits, including working on your own schedule, earning extra income, and being your own boss if you’re self-employed. When it comes to freelance academic editing, there are even more benefits to be gained. 

Get Paid to Learn More 

Being an academic freelance editor allows you to sharpen your writing skills outside your day job or in your free time. According to Raizel Albano-Palon, a Journal Lab editor for Anthropology and Political Marketing, “Aside from the extra income, another advantage of freelance work for academic editors is the opportunity to read and contribute to studies published by world-renowned publications. Academic editing is much like getting paid to learn.” 

Besides working on familiar and comfortable topics, you also get to expand your horizons by reading studies related to your field of expertise and keeping yourself up-to-date with research trends. The more manuscripts you edit, the more experience you gain and the more credentials you can add to your portfolio.  

The Satisfaction of Helping Others 

To some, satisfaction is found beyond earning money. Some Academic editors are motivated to work because they To some, satisfaction can be found beyond earning money. Some academic editors get the motivation they need to work from knowing that their assistance helps other researchers get their studies published in journals. These studies may explore breakthroughs in cancer treatment, present solutions to mitigate climate change, or even develop economic models to shorten income inequality. They get the satisfaction of knowing that they help make a difference in the lives of individuals, communities, and society in general.  

Bea Mesina, a Journal Lab editor for General Chemistry, perfectly expressed this by saying, “I was pleased that working with senior editors provides a collaborative and interactive system despite the work from home setup because studying science has taught me that collaborative work is a great practice in different aspects of life, professionally or not. Another benefit this job has given me is that, as an aspiring scientist with research that will greatly benefit society, this gives me a head start on knowing how to prepare my future research that I wish to be published.” 

Grow as a Better Professional 

Having a freelance career is no easy feat. To be a competent freelancer, one must have the confidence and discipline to sustain productivity and endure uncertainties, and those who balance these gain the ability to work independently and weather challenges in their career. In a way, freelancing can be a liberating experience for any professional. As Noymee Lopez, a Journal Lab editor for Food Technology and Public Health, would put it, “As a freelance research editor, I get to apply and further improve my writing and editing skills, [and] at the same time, acquire knowledge on different research areas. Even within a short period, working with Lexcode has exposed me to projects in which I never thought I would be involved. It really puts an upgrade on my resume and credentials, which I know will greatly help me in [further] pursuing a career in this field.”


The path to freelancing as an academic editor is truly daunting. Despite its appealing benefits on paper, its many challenges might dissuade you from starting on your own, like reaching out to potential clients, managing multiple projects, and keeping track of due payments. But as Patrick Quintos, a Journal Lab editor for Communications and Public Relations, noted, “Academic editors can sharpen their skills thoroughly through a freelance career. The experience and learnings in a freelance career can also be at par with that of a full-time career, especially if you are employed by a good company.” With Lexcode, we will provide you with projects that will not only help authors succeed in publishing sound research but also freelancers themselves by further developing their expertise and providing opportunities for financial gain. Become one of our editors to jumpstart your freelance career!