The “X” in Christmas

“Merry Xmas!” Are you one of those people who frown when the abbreviation Xmas is used instead of the word Christmas as you somehow believe that using such abbreviation is taking Christ out of Christmas, literally and figuratively? Surprisingly, there is nothing wrong in using Xmas as it turns out that the word itself has […]

Connecting Worlds: Pedro Fraile Aranda (Spanish < > English Translator)

No matter your level of language proficiency, it is always important to learn new words and expressions every day. As a frequent traveler, Pedro knows this all too well. Having worked as a translator for almost 5 years now, these seemingly trivial things are vital to produce the best translation quality. Read on to know […]

Connecting Worlds: Sunil Nawle (French < > English Translator)

Farming has always been one of the many hobbies that make life interesting for Sunil. What started as a gardening hobby has now become a plan to grow 1,600 papaya and moringa trees on his 4 acres of land. Let’s get to know more about our French translator/gardener, Sunil, in this quick chat. Why did […]

Connecting Worlds: Nuno Rosalino (Portuguese English Translator)

For over five years now, Lexcode linguists like Nuno Rosalino, have played a significant role in the success of our clients all over the world—mostly organization leaders, businessmen, and working professionals needing translations for the English and Portuguese language pair. As we celebrate International Translation Month this September, let’s get to know Nuno more personally […]

An Interview with Malaysian Translator, Dianne

Dianne Dayanna is Lexcode’s Malaysian translator for 6 years now. Like Khalid (Lexcode’s Arabic translator), she also specializes in translating government files, legal contracts and forms, and marketing materials from English to Malaysian and vice versa. Let’s get to know more about Dianne in this quick chat. Why did you choose to learn the English […]

Filipinos and the English Language

Languages are passports to another world. With it, you get to create instant connections. In the Philippines, upon landing at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport, one of the questions you will first hear is: “Sir/Ma’am, taxi?” From these two words, connections are already made. Welcoming thousands of tourists every day is no easy task. Thankfully, […]

Getting Through Three Languages a Day

Having a Chinese dad and a Filipino mom has never been easy. Just imagine: upon getting out of your mother’s womb, family members would start blurting out cute words in front of you in Chinese, Filipino, and even English. As a marketing officer of Lexcode Philippines, I get to meet a lot of people along […]

An Interview with Khalid Hassan

As a localization company, translators are a big part of Lexcode’s success. For the past five years, Khalid Hassan has been one of Lexcode’s trusted Arabic translators, and he specializes in translating government files, legal contracts and forms, and product labels from English to Arabic and vice versa. During his free time, he likes to […]

Why Language Matters

What do Mark Zuckerberg and Paul Bulcke have in common? Aside from being the CEO of a successful company, these two have another card up their sleeve—they can speak more than one language. Zuckerberg, the founder and CEO of Facebook, speaks Chinese and English while Bulcke, the CEO of Nestle, speaks Dutch, English, French, German, […]

Lexcode Philippines Team Building Workshop 2016

On January 30–31, 2016, Lexcode Philippines held its team building activity and workshop at Noah’s Park in Rodriguez, Rizal. Each one arrived with the mind-set to review the past and reshape the present in order to reach further success. Twenty Lexcodians divided themselves into two teams and played patintero, a popular Filipino street game. They […]