“They” Is the New He or She: Queer Writing in Academic Journals

A few years ago, using the singular “they” as a gender-neutral pronoun was still largely considered grammatically incorrect. However, a growing acceptance of the singular “they” as a gender-neutral pronoun, particularly among LGBTQIA+ communities, was observed in recent years. Since the early 2010s, the singular “they” has become more common in everyday speech and writing. […]

Lexcode Case Study: Japanese-to-English Localization

Service requested: Japanese-to-English localization and editing of 553,331 lines Result: Completed In 2020, Lexcode got the opportunity to work on the localization and editing of English documents translated from Japanese for the creation of term bases and training data for a top multilingual machine translation cloud service in Korea. Client’s background: Top localization company based […]

Transforming Your Thesis into a Journal Article 

While browsing through Facebook or Google, you’ve probably seen titles with surprising findings and statistics based on studies published online that immediately grabbed your attention. If you’ve wondered whether you can actually contribute a study of international repute and interest, then you should know it’s possible. An undergraduate or graduate thesis is a great starting […]

eQQui Case Study: Simultaneous Interpretation for OrangeOlive Events

Services requested: Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment Rental (and Hybrid Management) for 4,500 pax.  Language pairs: English <> Mandarin, Japanese, and Burmese (via Zoom)  Result: Completed  This August 2022, Lexcode made history by providing its simultaneous interpretation equipment rental services for a crowd of 4,500 people at World Trade Center, Manila, Philippines. It was also the first […]

3 Questions to Ask to Check Research Significance  

When writing (or conducting) your study, you should consider the importance of the topic itself. Understanding the necessity for your study will ensure that what follows, namely the study’s structure, methodology, and implications, will align with its overall purpose. Your study’s significance should explain why it’s worth publishing by highlighting how it will contribute to […]

What is text analysis, and why does it matter for natural language processing?

Natural language processing (NLP) combines the power of artificial intelligence and the study of linguistics to advance the interaction between computer and human languages. Although under constant development, this area of study still presents many challenges that begin with natural language understanding, which we humans have been trained to do for years. We learn to […]

The “new normal” of language interpretation services

As the pandemic nears its end, it has changed the translation and interpretation industry drastically, forcing businesses to rapidly adapt to digital technology to reduce disruption to their day-to-day business operations. These business model and process modifications then slowly required fewer face-to-face interactions and smarter solutions, especially for the interpretation industry, evolving to what we […]

3 Dos and Don’ts in Emphasizing the Novelty of Your Research 

A research paper’s readers can be strategically drawn in by emphasizing the novelty and significance of the research itself, which sets it apart from findings in previously published papers. As a researcher, you constantly look for ways to make your research stand out from the rest. You want to provide novel insights that will make […]

Translation’s Importance in the World Trade

As the global marketplace expands, there is a growing convergence in consumer behavior in markets around the world. With increasing cultural cross-fertilization and internationalization, this evolutionary process to convergence challenges businesses to meet global-grade standards for them to reach a more international audience and increase their participation in world trade. Understanding the language, among other […]

What Data Visualization Is and Why It Matters 

Year after year, we become more aware of how data is now omnipresent in this world. As data has slowly established itself as the foundation of this modern era, many organizations now generate data in abundance—so much that more and more people are being inundated with this information, without enough understanding of how to make […]