Why Should You Translate Your Content to Filipino?

The Republic of the Philippines (Pearl of the Pacific) is home to many natural features, languages, and customs. Various nations, such as China, the United States, and Spain, have had a significant impact on Filipino culture in the past.  Filipinos are well-known for their friendliness and relationship-based nature, making them an ideal target market for […]

Data Visualization: Principle and Best Practices

After collecting and organizing your research data, it is now the time to address your study’s research questions and hypotheses through the presentation of relevant data. Presenting data involves using various graphical techniques to show the reader the relationship between different data sets visually, to emphasize the nature of a particular aspect of the data, […]

How Subtitles Help Enhance Viewing Experience

a woman watching tv and changing channels

Watching motion pictures and videos has changed in many ways throughout history. Different elements have been added to them to provide a better viewing experience for more people. One of these elements is subtitles, which are now seen on most online streaming platforms. Subtitles are text overlaid on videos to express their spoken part. Streaming […]

How Investing In Language Translation Services Can Help Businesses

happy arab guy student learning foreign language

Communicating information involves constructing messages so that their recipients can easily understand them. It is essential for all businesses to reach everyone they want to communicate with, including prospective customers, current and prospective employees, and other stakeholders. Unfortunately, language is a barrier that stands in the way of relaying comprehensible messages. Translation is an effective […]

Finding the Right Interpretation Service in the Digital Age

For over two decades, Lexcode has provided quality interpretation service to a diverse group of clients. From renowned organizations to ordinary individuals, through critical and simple times, Lexcode has shown its willingness to help whenever needed, even with most events going online as social distancing has become the norm. Previously conducted in physical settings, Lexcode’s […]

Heroes of A Forgotten War: Connecting The Past & Present Through Localization

The Client Established in 1961, [Company A] is South Korea’s government ministry dedicated to commemorating patriots and veterans for their sacrifice to achieve peace and order. It strengthens institutions and enforces policies to ensure that patriots and veterans receive the support and respect they deserve. Moreover, the ministry assists and sponsors nationwide projects and foundations that support its legacy, including reaching out to different countries around the world to provide assistance and expertise.  The […]

Journal Lab’s Advice: Coping with Manuscript Rejections

It is never easy accepting that your manuscript was rejected for publication, especially if it does not even make it through the initial review process after all the time and effort put into researching and writing. Although demotivating, you need to understand the different possible reasons this happened. Know that there still remains a chance […]

Can a Freelance Career Truly Benefit Academic Editors?

As the world remains in lockdown, freelance opportunities have expanded from food delivery drivers and creatives to more niche services like writing and editing. In the field of more academic editing, freelance opportunities have always been available. Thankfully, the pandemic has not affected the demand for such services, and, in some cases, this need for academic editing has never been greater than ever. Freelancing as an academic editor grants numerous positive […]

Using Filipino Languages in Decolonizing the Filipino Identity

Every year, Filipinos celebrate the Buwan ng Wikang Pambansa or National Language Month in August, as proclaimed by former President Fidel Ramos in 1997. This year, the Komisyon sa Wikang Filipino (KWF) takes part in the 2021 Quincentennial Commemorations of the Philippines (QCP), commemorating 500 years of the country’s momentous events, by leading the celebration […]