An Opportunity to Care at CRIBS

Last October 21, 2017, Lexcode Philippines used the language of love as an opportunity to bring joy to the children at CRIBS Foundation, Inc. The Lexcodians put their tasks on hold to spend one Saturday morning with the children from the crawler and toddler sections (children from 6 months to 2 years old and 2–6 years old, respectively). As an annual tradition of the company, it gives back to the community by reaching out to foundations that support various causes. This year, Lexcode chose CRIBS as its main beneficiary, which is known for providing shelter and care to “abandoned, surrendered, and neglected infants.”

The fund collected from the company’s internal activities were put to noble use by spending them on the foundation’s necessities such as diapers, coloring books, and school materials. The Lexcodians were separated into two groups, alternating between the rooms of the crawlers and toddlers. The encounter reminded the Lexcodians of the power of touch, especially on kids. A simple hug was reciprocated with warmth and love from each angel. With their hearts filled with fondness for the children, the Lexcodians left the foundation with a prayer for each child to finally find a permanent home.

For the Lexcodians, playing with the children was a break from the regular office grind, and helping the caregivers feed the children was truly a rewarding experience. More than just fulfilling its corporate social responsibility, Lexcode also aims to create opportunities to reach out to people and be part of the solution to society’s problems.