Lexcode: A Warm Welcome to the Holidays

In the Philippines, Christmas usually starts once September rolls in. Houses are graced with every decor imaginable—from good old Saint Nick rappelling down from the ceiling to the fairy lights–adorned hedges and trees. Malls and other big establishments also join in the early celebration by playing Jose Mari Chan’s festive compositions to get shoppers and visitors in on the holiday spirit. The country also partakes in another age-old tradition that is also observed in other nations: Christmas caroling. Here, children prepare their renditions of the Christmas songs we have all come to know. With all these things going on, Christmas is surely a treat for everyone in the Philippines.

To set the holiday spirit, Lexcodians were treated to the joyful medleys of various choir groups. Starting off the festivities, The Life Giver Association, Inc. filled Lexcode’s halls with their merry voices and lively instruments. They even added a twist when they included pop songs to which Lexcodians could not help but bust out some dance moves. Not only that, Pagdamay sa Dukha Association, Inc. and Pag-asa ng Buhay Association, Inc. also followed a more traditional route by presenting their own renditions of age-old holiday medleys. Lexcode also welcomed its doors to young groups like Alay sa may mga Kapansanan Association, Inc. and Children’s Joy Foundation, Inc.

In today’s corporate world, it is easy to be swallowed by our fast-paced lifestyle and day-to-day deadlines that we sometimes forget to celebrate. Despite its status as a corporate office, Lexcode always makes certain not just to take part in the holiday’s festivities but to celebrate by sharing blessings with others. These activities are fun and exciting, but what is important is its core: to give back. We, Lexcode, have had a fruitful year, and it is vital to share our blessings with everyone around us. After all, the true meaning of Christmas is not in the excitement of receiving gifts but in the joy of giving. What better way to celebrate Christmas than to spread love and joy during the season?