A True Lexcodian Christmas

In the midst of all the holiday preparations and the last of the deadlines to be met, Lexcode celebrates another fruitful year under its belt at a well-known karaoke bar in Makati. Looking back to five years ago when the Manila office comprised of only four members, Lexcode has widened its group to a roster of unique and talented individuals who continuously strive for the best.

For half a decade, the company has remained steadfast and strong in the localization industry through the combined efforts of its members and the guidance of our CEO, Mr. Ham. It was through his innovation that the company came to be, and his leadership is one of the key reasons as to why we are now gearing up to kick-starting our sixth year in the Philippines. Combined with the hard work, dedication, and passion of each and every individual, Lexcode will seize the next year just as it had conquered 2015.

As the year comes to a close, and we bid adieu to 2015, Lexcode is nothing but excited for what is to come in 2016. Like every business in all industries, innovation is necessary for the growth of the company and that of the individuals that are a part of it. With all the new developments underway, Lexcodians welcome the New Year, together with the new opportunities that come with it, with open arms.