8 Typos You Won’t Believe Were Once in the Bible

As one of the most popular, and powerful, books of all time, the Bible has been seen by most people as a collection of sacred scriptures that are never wrong; but it looks like a few errors managed its way to the holy book. Here are eight blunders that will surely make you question how they slipped the publishers in the first place.


Famously recognized today as the official emergency number for the UK, this set of numbers managed to get itself printed in the Bible back in 1862… as a typo for the number of the Antichrist “666.”

“He that hath ears to ear, let him hear.”

Probably because both terms are related to hearing, Matthew 11:15 should have printed back in 1810 “ears to hear” and not “ears to ear.”

“In the same way, wives, submit yourselves to your owl husbands.”

Bestiality is not at all tolerated in the Bible, but it seems this stand may have passed the 1944 King James version when it printed “owl husbands” instead of “own husbands.” What a hoot!

“I will … that women adorn themselves in modern apparel.”

In 1964, women were called to be fashion-savvy when a Bible printed “modern apparel” instead of “modest apparel.”

“Let the children first be killed.”

The King James version made a very awkward error when it wrote a statement that not just promoted the killing of children in general but prioritized it. The sentence should have read “Let the children first be filled.”

“Pay for peace”

Looks like peace came at a price when a 1966 Jerusalem Bible printed this instead of “pray for peace.” If only true peace can be bought.

“Printers have persecuted me without cause.”

You think this typo would have been made in this generation, but this was actually found in a 1612 Bible that should have said “Princes have persecuted me without cause.”

“Thou shalt commit adultery.”

Another testament to the power of one word, or lack thereof, this typo was found in a Bible printed 1631. Labeled as Adulterous Bible or Sinners’ Bible, all copies were ordered to be destroyed, but a few survived. In fact, you can still get one today for… just a little under a hundred thousand bucks.

They say “to err is human, to forgive divine,” yet it doesn’t hurt to avoid erring in the first place, whether it be in an essay or the all-important Bible. Despite errors being less common today because of technology, mistakes still appear here and there. This is why it is important to hire professionals for the job. Good thing Lexcode is here to provide you with proofreading and editing services so you won’t make any embarrassing mistakes like these!