5 Qualities of a Desktop Publishing Artist

Desktop publishing (DTP) is the process of using a particular type of software to produce high-quality documents and files by integrating and arranging texts and images for good visual presentation. In general, it is used for documents (print or web), PDFs, presentations, etc. Nowadays, as people have increasing access to technology that enables them to design and create, people also have increasing access to DTP programs. Programs like InDesign, Photoshop, and Microsoft Office are available to everyone, but not everyone can use it as a DTP artist would.

Desktop publishing artists should possess the following qualities:

Keen eye for detail

When handling files, the source (provided by the client) will most likely have different formatting styles (e.g., font colors, styles, sizes, consistent formatting, etc.) and will be given specific guidelines to follow when it is set for DTP. They should ensure that the file is of high quality and follows the guidelines as it is essential to the DTP process to maintain consistency throughout the file they are working on.

Good visual sense

Speaking of different formatting styles, a DTP artist is not just someone who formats or edits a file according to the source. They must also be someone who knows what looks good at first glance or what best suits the file. For tasks that require creativity, having an eye for good design is a big plus. Knowing which colors to choose and the right layout to create, and making sure that the document as a whole is uncluttered and well balanced always produce good results.

Proficiency in multiple programs

Knowing how to use different programs is a must at this day and age. This is especially true in the DTP industry where clients give files that should be formatted using various programs. A DTP artist should have knowledge of the different techniques and processes in using different DTP programs. They could also have their own strategies or ways on how to handle files in an efficient and swift way.

Management and organizational skills

Efficiency and swiftness are necessary when there is a multitude of tasks to accomplish within a specific period. Having the mind to know which should take precedence is also a big thing. In fact, it’s a huge advantage to the DTP artist if they know their own pace and speed and can estimate how much time it will take for them to finish a file.


Aside from knowing what to do, a DTP artist should also know what not to do. Mistakes like inconsistent line spacing, double spaces, truncated words, etc., are to be avoided at all times. Which is why between finishing a file and passing it for quality assurance, a DTP artist should have the initiative to find their own mistakes and correct them.

Here in Lexcode, our team of desktop publishing artists is not only equipped with these qualities but also the experience to handle any task placed before them.