3 Things You Should Know About SDH

Subtitles are commonly seen nowadays in films, television shows, and even in people’s Facebook feeds. These provide clarity of what is being said in a video or, in the case of foreign films, translation. Visuals and audio are important in grasping a subject matter. However, those who experience difficulty understanding a scene based on what is shown on the screen can opt for SDH. Three things you should know about SDH are as follows.

What is SDH?

SDH or subtitles for the deaf or hard of hearing is a term coined by the DVD industry to refer to subtitles with information that are not included in the original dialog. The identity of the speaker or sounds of the environment in a particular scene are added. SDH are especially helpful for persons with hearing impairment because they make clear of what is happening in the video. They are also advantageous for regular viewers because they help improve their comprehension.

Differences between SDH, closed captions, and subtitles

Although SDH, closed captions, and subtitles are almost the same in terms of accommodating the viewing pleasure of people, they have traits that distinguish them from each other. Closed captions, although similar to SDH when it comes to the inclusion of sound descriptions, regularly appear as white block texts with a black background and do not always appear on a specific location on the screen. Subtitles, as opposed to SDH and closed captions, do not include sound descriptions, albeit they are located on fixed areas of the screen and also follow a standard format of appearance. SDH follow the format and appearance of subtitles and, like CC, include sound.

Programs where SDH are used

Although SDH were especially created for persons with hearing impairment, many viewers opt for this option when watching films or television shows. DVD or streaming programs usually provide viewers an option to watch with SDH.

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